Data Validation Services

Ensure better data accuracy, improve process efficiency, and reduce operational costs

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High Volume Systematized Workflow Automation

Process Fusion is partnering with service providers worldwide to deliver the most accurate and scalable data capture and data entry service right on your CapturePoint platform. Whether it is data entry (key from image) or validating extracted data, you can configure a workflow to “route” documents from any process to have data validated by Process Fusion directly on your platform with full process integrity and audit trial.

Better Data Accuracy

Ensure 99.5%+ data accuracy with service providers leveraging CapturePoint's AI platform.

Lower Cost Management

Benefit from lower costs and more consistent IT expenses, which can be applied to other IT resources.

Maximized Security

Process Fusion is SOC2 Type I certified with CapturePoint running on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Faster Turnaround

With integrated software and around the clock services, data validation and processing time will be reduced.

Highly Scalable

Process Fusion’s service providers are fully capable to ramp up and handle large data validation volumes.

Organizational Focus

Focus on growth and innovation without having to spend time and resources on lower priority tasks.

Enhance Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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Your Data is Secure

Maximized Secure Technology

Process Fusion is SOC2 Type 2 certified company and CapturePoint is a modern application running on the secured Microsoft Azure platform. We only select services partners who practice and comply with the Trust Services Criteria and data protection regulations.

We also take data privacy issues very seriously and make sure that our solutions are compliant with the latest data protection laws and GDPR regulations.

logo-CapturePointCapturePoint Data Validation Service Providers

All our service partners leverage the CapturePoint platform to deliver their own data validation services can your validated data directly into your system with full process integrity

On-Shore Data Validation

Process Fusion has partnered with world-class service providers in Canada, US, and the UK to deliver top of the line on-shore data validation services....

Off-Shore Data Validation

If data sovereignty is not a requirement, Process Fusion has also forged a partnership with an offshore provider located in Malawi, Africa to deliver high quality, highly cost-competitive validation services....

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Key Features

CapturePoint’s data validation services will help drive business transformation in your organization. Leverage consistent, quality data, which is an investment that enhances organizational decision making, data governance, and growth across crucial business operations.

Off Shore Data Validation

On Shore Data Validation

Direct Integration With Your CapturePoint System

SOC Type 1 Certified

Data Validation Services FAQs

You’ve got questions? Chances are you’ll find your answers below.

Data validation is an essential part of any data handling task whether you’re collecting the data, analyzing data, or preparing to present data to stakeholders. If your data isn’t accurate from the start, your ongoing decisions won’t be correct either. That’s why it’s necessary to verify and validate data before it is used.

Validating the accuracy, clarity, and details of data is necessary to mitigate any business processing errors. Without validating the data, you run the risk of making business decisions on data that are not accurately representative of the situation at hand.

Data validation services are designed primarily for institutions that might lack the most sophisticated tools for providing robust responses to fraud threats or reacting in the event of fraudulent activity. They are very useful for businesses that want a second human validation on top of their existing automated data validation platform.

Data validation services are a secondary control to help further verify and understand business data activity. Business units such as accounts payable and compliance & fraud prevention teams can benefit greatly from these services.

If you are already using our CapturePoint platform, very little is required to begin. Our data validation services are designed to be hands off and there is minimal customer configuration. Following receipt of any data, our human data validation team will manually verify the data and provide the processed data directly back into your platform.

Please contact or book a meeting with our sales team for details on pricing.

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