process fusion digital solutions DIGITAL READY

We live in a time that is increasingly digital. The global pandemic is changing the future of work and accelerating the digital transformation of all businesses. As a leader this is where you can drive a digital growth agenda and accelerate change to adapt in the next normal.

Process Fusion’s cloud print management and intelligent document processing platform can seamlessly connect and transform any physical workflow into a “Digital First” automated process.

process fusion unified PROCESS MOBILITY

The hybrid offce is the future of work. With many businesses now shifting to a hybrid workplace and more staff are working remotely from the office, there comes the need to securely deliver business processes that were traditionally centralized to a distributed model.

Process Fusion’s Digital First platform enables digital mail, fax and print management for workers working anywhere. The intelligent platform can easily extend business processes to remote workers using secure web connection and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft.

process fusion unique BUSINESS CONTINUITY

The global pandemic requires all businesses, large or small to ensure business continuity, deliver productivity while continuously adapt to the new normal.

Process Fusion delivers business continuity for your organization’s document-centric processes by migrating on premise Fax and Print servers, Document Capture and Workflow management systems to a secure, scalable cloud platform with high availability and geo-redundancy.

The Hybrid Office Is the Future of Work


Cloud Print Management Platform

The UniPrint Infinity on-prem and cloud platform will enable you to thrive in the new normal today. Our vendor agnostic platform focuses on driving digital transformation and improving business process and workflows from shifting print to digital.

Intelligent Document Automation Platform

CapturePoint is a cloud and on-prem intelligent document processing platform that leverages machine learning for auto document classification and data extraction. CP-1 provides secure information exchange helping organizations improve and automate business processes, while reducing operating costs.

Managed Application Services

Our managed application services for on-prem or cloud, provide the right mix of professional services for ongoing support, maintenance, upgrades, and customization of applications, so that your business can focus on higher priority goals.

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