Why Settle for Manual Processes?

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Cloud Solutions that Make Your Business Processes Better.

Faster Processing
Cost Reduction
Data Accuracy
Reduced Support Calls

Whether you capture, process, or print documents, Process Fusion helps save time by automating business processes.

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Cloud Print Management

Scale administrative workflows and secure end user printing.

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Intelligent Document Capture

Automate document processing and digital workflows.

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Digital Data

Leverage real-time digital data to make better business decisions.

Find the Right PF360 Solution for Your Needs

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Gain New Business Value Through Business Process Automation Capabilities

Accelerate digital transformation by complementing your core database systems with advanced intelligent capture capabilities.

Lifecycle Transparency

Gain greater visibility into your document lifecycles using real-time data from various sources and formats.

Cost Savings

Save time and reduce costs from time intensive, manual processes which can be reduced to a matter of days.

Smart Data Verification

Reduce time spent reviewing and correcting invoices with an easy-to-use validation interface facilitated by Machine learning.

Reduce Document Processing Time

Streamline workflows and reduce human error by accurately processing electronic information.

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Gain New Business Value Through Cloud Print Management Capabilities

Simplify hybrid office printing and unify print hardware structures to align printers, drivers, devices and users within a single system.

Better Printing Experience

Enable anywhere, anytime printing from any device no matter where staff are working.

Reduced Printing Costs

Eliminate print servers, reduce bandwidth usage and control end user printing.

Secure End-user Printing

Ensure complete print security through secure pull printing and two factor authentication.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Streamline IT administrative workflows and reduce the need for physical printer management.

Customer Stories

See how companies are transforming their business processes.

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Finance & Insurance

UniPrint’s patented PDF-based Universal Printer Driver platform and one Virtual Print Queue technology empower.

Government & NGO

UP Infinity simplifies printer management, enables secure pull printing on any user or print device, and eliminates print wastes.


UP Infinity’s HPS enables speedy, error-free, and on demand secure printing from major EHS/EMR applications.

Cloud MSP

UP Infinity is an solution that provides secure mobile cloud printing from any user device, to any printer, across any platform.

FST PassportOne

The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.

Laurentide Controls

CapturePoint has cut the time required for AP processing approximately in half and boosted productivity by 60%.

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Why choose Process Fusion 360? We’re glad you asked.

All-in-one Cloud Platform

Create business processes that will simplify user workflows with integrated solutions that work better together.

Easy-to-use, low-code Solutions.

Democratize business workflows and enable workflow solutions anyone can use.

Comprehensive Data.

Leverage the power of digital data to get the full insight and let data guide your organization.