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Healthcare Webinars

Fireside Chat: The Digital Impact of Referral Management Automation at Mackenzie Health

The move to all 100% digital processes for referral management does not happen overnight. For the near-term, the modern healthcare is stuck in two world – the digital world and the analog world.

Process Fusion invited Amir Soheili, Program Director at Mackenzie Health for a thoughtful fire-side chat on the current state of referral management. Learn about the challenges facing fax/paper-based referral management, and Mackenzie Health’s digital transformation story and how they improved patient wait times, increased staff productivity and reduce operating costs.

Healthcare Solutions: What’s New in Referral Management?

Today, fax systems and fax machines do not provide the necessary controls to manage referrals, the associated paper work and in short, their workflows fall short of helping your business. Stop referral leakage, improve patient and referring physician relations, reduce privacy issues and governance costs.

In this webinar, you will learn about the current state of healthcare requisition/referral management, the newest trends and challenges faced in fax and paper-based referral management, and how to start the journey of transforming the time-intensive task of manually processing documents into a fast and effective automated process.

AP Automation Webinars

Fireside Chat: Key Industry Trends & Ongoing Digital Recommendations for Accounts Payable Automation

The opportunity for digital transformation in Accounts Payable (“AP”) has never been more appealing or necessary; it has also never been easier. Broad improvements in functionality, usability, cloud technology, integration, costs, and general accessibility have provided AP groups with a clear road map for improvement.

​​​​​​​We hosted a fireside chat with Bob Cohen, Vice President of Research and Marketing at Ardent Partners, for an interactive discussion on AP trends, best practices and going digital recommendations in 2021.

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