Re-imagining Print Management for Healthcare

Unlocking Efficiency and Innovation in Print Management
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As healthcare technology continues to evolve, the importance of on-premises technology within healthcare settings remains steadfast. Print management stands out as a vital component of today’s hospitals and clinics, yet it requires a transition to innovative solutions.

Join us to acquire the insights and resources essential for guiding your organization toward a future where print management is seamless, strategic, and impactful. Instead of merely adjusting to the future, be at the forefront of shaping it.

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Date: May 7th, 2024 at 1:00PM EST Eastern Time (UTC-4)
Location: Online via Zoom

Why This Webinar Is Unmissable: A can’t miss event for healthcare administrators and IT professionals looking to cut down inefficiencies, increase security, and unify print management into one platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Insights: Understand the complexities of print management in healthcare settings.
  • Future Focus: Discover the latest trends and technologies revolutionizing healthcare print solutions.
  • Real-World Application: Get examples of successful healthcare print management solutions from a Process Fusion client.
  • Empowering Your Organization: Explore strategies for enhancing efficiency and reducing costs in print management.

Join us to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to lead your organization into a future where print management is streamlined, strategic, and impactful. Don’t just adapt to the future—define it. Register now to secure your spot in this essential discussion.


Jeff Maxfield

Director of Technical Services,
Parkland Hospital

Jeff Maxfield, based in Dallas, Texas, U.S, is a leader who specializes in all aspects of global IT Systems and web site management. His strengths include motivating, mentoring, leading, decision making, project management, budgeting, IIS, and all aspects of Active Directory. With decades of experience, Jeff Maxfield contributes indispensable insights to the technical healthcare services industry.


Jeff Leblanc

Product Specialist, Process Fusion

Jeff LeBlanc is the expert on print management at Process Fusion, with a track record of successfully leading users and partners to smooth transitions to InfinityCloud. His strengths include his extensive knowledge of print management and ability to guide customers to innovative and efficient technologies that meet and exceed their expectations.


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Re-imagining Healthcare Print Management:
Unlocking Efficiency and Innovation in Healthcare Environments

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