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Automate Document Capture & Archiving

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Automate your document processes and enable flexibility, scalability and security to your business workflows.
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Modernize Your Document Processing Operations

Transform all your physical or digital documents into business ready content, scaling to meet any requirement in the digital age

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Digitally capture any incoming documents, including mobile, EDI, web portals, e-mail, fax, and MFPs.


The machine learning platform features robotic process automation and automated workflows. .


Securely classify, organize, store and manage the life cycle of documents, while also enabling collaboration tools and integrations into back-end systems.


Securely deliver data through mobile, EDI, web portals, e-mail, electronic fax, ECM, enterprise systems, and FTP.

Moving Your Business Towards the Future


Intelligent capture automates content input using OCR and machine learning, which removes unnecessary steps and increases the velocity of routing relevant data to the right users and systems.

Automated Faxing

Automatically receive and send digital faxes to preconfigured numbers based on workflow triggers, without manual interventions

Machine Learning

Users can train the system to continuously learn and improve document capture and processing based on feedback from users

Monitoring and Analytics

Analyze and assess document workflows, based on unread files, pending files, expiring files, number of documents per workflow etc.

Limitless Process Integration

Seamlessly connect with back-end databases, content management systems, EMRs, ERPs, and any other internal systems

Start Automating Your Business Processes

SStop relying on time-consuming manual workflows.

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How AP Automation Works

Intelligent capture is a key component for a modern invoice processing solution. It covers five steps between invoice arrival and posting.

Step 1: Capture Invoice Input

Supports multiple input channels like e-mail, web-based invoice scanning, MFP, FTP, mobile capture, fax, etc. It ensures identical document processing independent of form or format.

Step 2: Read and Classify

Optical Character Recognition is used on the document, with all eligible data values being stored in the database. Leverage machine learning to auto-classify documents and it creates a modal that will get smarter as more variations of the documents are processed through the system. The solution uses the database and compares the document’s content to automatically identify the information.

Step 3: Data Recognition and Extraction

Data is identified and extracted from relevant invoice fields. It supports country-specific validation rules and an invoice matching against master data in addition to PO matching. Based on the document type, the system lifts field-level and line-item data without templates, anchors, keywords, or zones.

Step 4: Data Validation

Data is automatically validated against other data to ensure consistency. The data approval process becomes easier thanks to the intelligent workflow approval that includes automated invoice processing with possibility of manual verification by staff for missing info and instant posting for valid PO-matched documents.

Step 5: Data Export, Archiving and Reporting

Documents and metadata are exported to the desired ERP system or repository for subsequent invoice data export. Automated indexing of invoices by key fields ensures fast and easy invoice retrieval. Visibility reporting allows for recording of valuable analytics that measure performance and provide more information for extraction accuracy.

Optimize Process Efficiency and Reduce Wait Times

Enhance operational efficiency by automating the capture, classification and routing of data for standard and complex documents.

Forms Classification and Extraction

Intuitively capture document data based on rule sets and machine learning to extract out specific key terms and sequences

Automated Document Profiling

Associate information (ex: date or vendor ID) with a document automatically before it gets to the next workflow step

User Permission Management

Configure specific users or group permissions such as workflow visibility, and specific intelligent capture features

Custom Workflows

Configure custom document process workflows that are specific to your organizational needs with limitless possibilities

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Why Should You Consider Intelligent Capture? We’re glad you asked.

The advantage of deploying an intelligent capture solution is that your digital workflow possibilities become endless. By controlling and automating decisions based on metadata and classification, it allows your organization to truly adapt in the next normal.

Reduce Manual Processes

Eliminate time consuming manual data entry tasks and focus staff on higher value priorities

Give Back Time to Staff

Automate document processes to a single point of capture that extracts and sends relevant data to lead systems with real time information

Security and Compliance

Automate classified data based on all types of security and compliance tags to ensure that incoming data is secure

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