Customer Support Program

Our highly trained support team have the skills and knowledge
to handle all your PF360 Print Infinity or PF360 Capture support issues
and are ready to help
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Provide full support including best-effort support for other customized solutions


Receive product update roll ups, service packages and solution updates free of charge


Receive enhanced response time and telephone or email access to our support engineers

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Industry Best Practices

Ensure architecture design and setup are implemented using industry best practices

Accelerated Time to Deployment

Accelerate your platform go live time to deployment with our team or professionals

Faster Adoption and Productivity

With hands-on training and support, train end-users faster and ensure productivity

Faster Response Times

Access our support team 24/7 through email or telephone for any issues you may have

Quicker Case Resolutions

With technical and account manager support, resolve your support ticket cases faster

Maximize Platform Capabilities

Receive expert assistance and support to maximize platform capabilities

User Stories

The support you need to provide better
customer experiences

You Deserve Exceptional Support Too

Because just like your customers,
you shouldn’t need to figure it out all on your own

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