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Embrace Digital Faxing with Intelligent Cloud Fax

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Digitize your fax processes and enable simplicity, flexibility and security to your fax workflows.
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Optimize Your Faxing Workflow

Have you outgrown your traditional paper fax systems? Are you tired of dealing with send/receive errors, lost content, and frustrating technical issues? It’s time to bring your fax processes into the future with Process Fusion’s Intelligent Cloud Fax Solution.

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Security and Compliance

Maintain a comprehensive fax transmission log to ensure audit and compliance requirements. Our solution enables TLS encryption for secure email-to-fax transmission, making it ideal for heavily regulated industries like financial services, insurance, and healthcare.

Effortless Workflow Automation

Combine our cloud fax solution with PF360 Capture’s intelligent document processing technology powered by machine learning. This powerful integration automates inbound fax processing, capturing relevant data, and seamlessly integrating it into your back-end systems.

Seamless Interoperability

Our cloud fax services seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and applications through pre-built connectors or web-based APIs. This means you can send and receive faxes directly within your ERP application, adding exponential value to your workflow.

Cost-Effective and Scalable

Say goodbye to wasted resources and costly infrastructure. Our solution eliminates the need for traditional fax machines, fax servers, dedicated phone lines, and the associated expenses. It’s a cost-effective choice that automatically scales to meet your demands, eliminating busy signals during peak volume.

Start Digitizing Your Fax Processes

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Optimize Process Efficiency and Reduce Wait Times

Organizations worldwide are embracing enterprise-grade cloud faxing to ensure reliable, highly available, and secure information exchanges while significantly reducing costs.

Easy Fax Sending

Easily send faxes from your desktop or mobile device using your email client. Attach your documents, and our solution will automatically convert them into fax messages and provide delivery notifications.

Eliminate Traditional Telephone Lines Sending From MFP

Our solution seamlessly integrates with most office MFPs, allowing you to use the device's native fax function. For home MFPs, you can enable faxing using the "Scan-to-Email" function without the need for an extra phone line.

Efficient Fax Reception

Incoming fax messages are delivered directly to your assigned email inbox as PDF files. You can manage them conveniently through your email or use our web portal to configure message routing and processing.

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Why Should You Consider Cloud Faxing? We’re glad you asked.

PF360 is a comprehensive cloud capture solution that supports omni-channel inputs, from fax to paper documents or emails. It automates the classification and routing of fax data, handling both standard and complex faxes efficiently.

Zero Capital Expenditure

Infinite Enterprise Scalability

Eliminate Traditional Telephone Lines

Integrate Fax with Any Application

Fast Setup And Configuration

Retention of existing fax numbers

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