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Embark on your automation journey with the ultimate starter pack. PF360 AP Xpress simplifies, streamlines, and sets the stage for a smarter financial future.
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Your AP Automation Starter Kit

Ever felt daunted by the thought of digital transformation in accounts payable, unsure where to start or the true cost of each invoice? Introducing PF360 AP Xpress: a simplified starter kit that meets 50% of your automation needs upfront. Dive into a change that’s strategic, allowing a smooth transformation tailored to your needs.

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Start Simple, Scale Smartly

Begin with our unique starter kit that does away with complexity. Witness an instant boost in productivity, efficiency, and savings. As you grow more confident, tailor the solution to suit your department’s transformation vision.

Instant Automation

Say goodbye to the fear of change and regret. AP Xpress addresses 50% of the automation right off the bat, allowing your team to gradually adapt and transform without a jolt.

Effortless Invoice Processing

PF360 Capture seamlessly classifies and matches invoices with your databases. Invoices are quickly captured and integrated into a unified digital workflow. Once sorted, every invoice is digitally archived for compliance and easy retrieval.

Custom Add-Ons

Unlike the multitude of static AP solutions out there, AP Xpress stands out. It’s more than a tool; it’s an evolving solution. As your familiarity grows, shape it to perfectly fit your department’s needs, ensuring continued efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Why should you choose PF360 AP Xpress for your automation needs? Let's break it down.

PF360 AP Xpress is an intuitive, out-of-the-box solution designed specifically for efficient AP automation. With a targeted approach for the SMB market, it ensures smooth integration, swift billing, and maximized cash flow.

No over-customization delays

Faster implementation

Efficient workflow design

Boosted cash flow

Transparent pricing

Out-of-the-box integration


How Our AP Automation Works with PF360 Capture

Intelligent capture is a key component for a modern invoice processing solution. It covers five steps between invoice arrival and posting.

Step 1: Capture Invoice Input

Accommodates a diverse range of input channels, including email, web-based invoice scanning, multifunction printers (MFP), FTP, mobile capture, fax, and more. This flexibility guarantees consistent processing of documents, regardless of their form or format.

Step 2: Read and Classify

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is employed to extract data from documents, with all pertinent information securely stored in the database. The system utilizes machine learning algorithms to automatically categorize documents, enhancing its accuracy and efficiency over time as it processes a wider variety of document types. This solution intelligently leverages the database to compare and analyze the content of each document, enabling the automatic identification and understanding of the information.

Step 3: Data Recognition and Extraction

Data from key invoice fields is accurately identified and extracted. The system incorporates country-specific validation rules and performs invoice matching with both master data and purchase orders (PO). It adeptly handles various document types, seamlessly extracting field-level and line-item details without the need for templates, anchors, keywords, or predefined zones.

Step 4: Data Validation

Data is automatically validated against other data to ensure consistency. The data approval process becomes easier thanks to the intelligent workflow approval that includes automated invoice processing with possibility of manual verification by staff for missing info and instant posting for valid PO-matched documents.

Step 5: Data Export, Archiving and Reporting

Documents and their corresponding metadata are seamlessly exported to the chosen ERP system or data repository, facilitating the onward transfer of invoice data. The automation of invoice indexing based on key fields significantly enhances the speed and ease of invoice retrieval. Furthermore, comprehensive visibility reporting captures essential analytics, providing insights into performance metrics and further refining the accuracy of data extraction.

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