Document Workflow Productivity App

With PF360 Mobile, you can easily and securely scan documents and send them to the cloud or virtual print queue for on-demand printing.
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Secure Scan or Print Documents On-the-Go

PF360 Mobile is a document workflow productivity app that works in combination with the PF360 platform to help simplify business processes.

Smooth Scanning and Sending

Scan and send documents as faxes, emails, or cloud storage with ease while ensuring secure transmission of sensitive documents.

Convenient Printing Options

Effortlessly print documents locally or to cloud-connected printers while securely printing sensitive documents with authentication requirements. Manage your favorite printers for quick and efficient printing.

Efficient Document Management

Edit scanned documents by cropping, rotating, and adjusting image quality.


Enhanced Scanning Capabilities

Streamline scanning by merging multiple pages into a single document for improved efficiency. Enhance the scan quality with image enhancement features while also simplifying the process with batch processing for multiple documents.

Seamless Integration and Accessibility

Enhance productivity by syncing scanned documents across devices and platforms for seamless accessibility. Enjoy a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls and navigation, further boosting efficiency. Additionally, leverage the benefits of cloud sync and multi-device compatibility to maximize productivity.

Start Automating Your Business Processes in Three Easy Steps

Stop relying on traditional time-consuming processes and see what the PF360 Mobile App can do for you.

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Streamline Document Workflows and User Efficiency

Easily scan physical documents and automatically route them to a cloud folder or virtual print queue to be released securely on demand.

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Eliminate Document Waste

Lower your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of paper, ink and toner wasted by duplicate printing.

Boost User Productivity

Scale document workflow processes for both remote and in-office users by enabling on-the-go document capture or printing.

Improve Document Security

With multi-factor authentication, only scan and release print jobs when staff are standing next to the assigned printer.