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Simplify the way your organization works with documents, print and digital data
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The Complete Business Process Automation Platform

Process Fusion 360 is a secure cloud managed platform that automates manual business processes, through documents, print and digital data. The solution enables a seamless hybrid office solution that simplifies document workflows and provides better team collaboration, while improving business outcomes.

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End-to-End Digital Experience

Capture, process, route and print documents in efficient, timely and traceable manner.

Business Insight and Scalability

Easily scale workflow processes for both remote and in-office users and gain greater visibility into document lifecycles.

Streamlined Business Operations

Seamlessly integrate data and workflows between internal staff, customers, vendors, and partners alike.

Privacy and Security

Our platform is compliant with the latest data protection laws and regulations including SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA etc.

Start Automating Your Business Processes in Three Easy Steps

Stop relying on traditional time-consuming processes and see what PF360 can do you.

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Optimize For Business Simplicity and Efficiency

Eliminate the need for manual processes and traditional document workflows, which means more time to focus on higher priority goals.

PF360 Capture

Provides a intelligent document capture and automated document processing that eliminates the inefficiencies and data errors associated with manual processes.

This module simplifies document workflows and reduces operating costs, helping staff to focus on higher priority goals.

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PF360 Print

A true cloud print management platform that unifies print infrastructures and simplifies the way IT administrators work with printing.

With this module organizations can migrate all their printers and data to the cloud for easy print management and secure on-demand printing.

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PF360 Mobile App

A document workflow productivity app that works in combination with the PF360 platform, that enables end users to securely scan and route their documents directly to a specified cloud repository or secure print queue to be release on-demand.

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Simplify The Way You Work with Documents Print and Digital Data

Everything You Need for Better Business Workflows
Integration Friendly

Link your document workflows with APIs directly into any ERP, RPA, ECM, BPM

Real-time Analytics

Get key insights into document workflows with user metrics and custom reports

Easy-to-Use Interfaces

Users get comfortable using PF360 quickly, with its easy-to-understand Interface

Low Code Workflows

Create your capture and print workflow processes instantly, and work without delay

Fast Migration and Setup

Provide rapid deployment of capture and print workflows to users and offices

Hybrid Office Ready

At the office or at home, PF360 will not limit your team members’ abilities to be productive

Data Compliancy

Process Fusion observes key industry best practices and regulatory schemes to protect the security and privacy of our customers’ data: SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA etc. We make sure that our solutions are compliant with the latest data protection laws and regulations.

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