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Simplify healthcare staff processes and enable a seamless workflow experience, while removing manual processes.
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Healthcare Technology That Streamlines Patient Care

Process Fusion has helped several healthcare organizations digitize their operations and deploy an innovative technology platform that secures, simplifies and automates workflow processes.

Delivering seamless back-office workflows quickly means faster time to revenue, increased staff productivity and improved patient care.

For patients, this means faster services, enabling shorter wait times, less patient frustrations and better healthcare experiences.


Reduce Manual Processes and Improve Patient Care

With Process Fusion, healthcare organizations can provide patient services faster and retrieve revenue quicker, which means reallocating more resources across the hospital to provide even better patient care.

Automate document and fax workflows

Enable IT admin to remotely manage their print environment, users, and printers, while also allowing healthcare staff to securely scan or print documents directly from their mobile phone.

The platform also helps staff intelligent capture and automate manual document or fax processes, ensuring patient data is accurately sent to the proper healthcare system workflows.

Integrate into any existing HIS or environment

Integrate into any existing back-office healthcare information system whether it is native or third party. Our solutions are also print vendor and environmentally antagonistic, enabling admin staff to seamlessly deploy our solutions without further delays.

Real-time reporting and dashboards

Utilize our comprehensive administrative tools, which house data from printed, faxed, and scanned documents, transactional records, and essential business insights, all crafted to elevate staff efficiency and enrich the patient experience.

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by eliminating staff time spent on manual processes or reoccurring workflow errors using intelligent capture and secure print solutions.

Improve Data Confidentiality

Get detailed audit trails to find when data has gone into or out of the system, who has access to it and what happened to it.

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Privacy and Security

Built for the most secure and innovative organizations

Process Fusion observes key industry best practices and regulatory schemes to protect the security and privacy of our customers’ data: SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, ISO270017, and ISO27018. We ensure that our solutions are compliant with the latest data protection laws and regulations.

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