Digital Technologies for the Helping Hands

Revitalize your client management process with a cloud solution tailored for the social services operations. Set you free from time consuming administrative tasks so you can focus more on client services and keep up with program governance.

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Digitally Transform Charitable Organizations for Bigger Impact

As a social and community service provider, you are accountable to your donor’s funding and making an impact on your community. You need a better way to help keep track of client needs, interventions, progress, and outcomes.

Increase Community Impact

Improving measurable outcomes for both funders and clients to ensure long term operations

Optimize Funds and Resources

Continually reduce administration costs while maintaining service quality and deliverables

Streamline Processes

Enable automation to reduce staff workload throughout stages of the client journey

Minimize Manual Efforts through Technology

Improve Client-Centric Services at Reduced Costs

Social service programs such as employment assistance, development services, youth and senior support all have unique processes that drive up operational and administrative workloads.

Disconnected technology and processes are interrupting your services from achieving their maximum potential.

We have a deep understanding in social services program delivery and have created a cloud platform that our customers can use immediately.


How Modern Technology Can Benefit Your Social Services

Our solutions include standardized models for client, case, and financial data, allowing for customized workflows and reports to meet individual program requirements

Cloud Enablement

Minimize internal support and scale internal and external services

Financial Tracking

Streamline tracking of client billing, purchasing and payment processes/activities

Regulatory and Privacy Compliance

50% reduction of auditing times while maintaining 100% pass rate

Improved Funding Utilization for Clients

Accurate budget forecasting and real time forecasting tools

Data and Reporting

Adding operational reporting/client analytics with over 350+ data points to improve decision making

Improved Resource Scalability

Managing multiple system users and complex applications with minimal IT resources

Advanced Case Management

We have pre-built business workflows tailored for the typical social services cases. Specific workflow stages can be enable or disabled for your operational needs upon deployment. Workflow progression is moderated by operational conditions so that client cases can be managed consistently and efficiently while key performance metrics are collected for reporting and analytics.

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Our solutions are helping move than 70,000 individuals and families to receive social benefits, and is administrating over $300M of social program funds. We’ve also migrated over millions of client and case records into our solutions, providing social services the visibility of client history across all programs on a single platform, enhancing their ability to scale and expand service capabilities.

Microsoft Partnership - Ready for use. Get up and running right away

Microsoft is a proponent of technologies for the non-profit sector, promoting the adoption of MS Dynamics 365 CRM, ERP and the MS Power Platform. These technologies are fully interoperable and can completely transform your operations into highly efficient digital processes.

Process Fusion compliments Microsoft products with customized ready-to-use cloud solutions for the non-profit organizations, specializing in case management of social service programs. Small and medium organizations can immediately benefit from our cloud solutions without needing lengthy time and effort to customize for the unique needs of social service programs.

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