About CapturePoint

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CapturePoint is a web-based document automation platform that will free your organization of time-consuming tasks handling and routing documents.

CapturePoint Health Platform was created to handle the integration gaps between people, paper and the clinical applications. Today the task of managing inbound documents from referring physicians, prayers (insurance companies) and patients can be daunting and with high errors rates.

CapturePoint Invoices was created to help companies improve their Accounts Payable Automation. CapturePoint Invoices is a complete cloud-based application. CapturePoint supports organizations to significantly cut operational costs, ensure compliance and high data quality, and increase productivity.


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From small businesses to large corporations across all industries, customers are subscribing to the CapturePoint platform to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, minimize risk, ensure compliance, and completely transform their business processes.


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CapturePoint was created by Process Fusion Inc.(“PFI”). PFI is a Canadian company helping customers to improve business processes by reducing errors associated with manual handling of documents and safely exchanging information from business systems to devices, from user to user, anywhere at any time, without worrying about data integrity or security.


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The most current version of CapturePoint Healthcare is version 3.0. CapturePoint Invoices V2


Setup & Configuration

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CapturePoint is configured to accept documents from several sources; scanners, email, ftp, via ERP api’s and drag and drop from the desktop.


[gp_accordian title=”How can I purchase CapturePoint?” open=”false”]

Please contact your local reseller or contact our sales team.



[gp_accordian title=”Is there extra cost for maintenance and support for CapturePoint?” open=”false”]

The annual subscription of the CapturePoint service already includes all maintenance and support. Since all the updates and maintenance are performed in the Cloud, you do not need to worry about upgrade and system maintenance.


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You can directly reach out to our support team for more information.