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Optimize Your Accounts Payable Lifecycles

Countless mistakes are made, and time is wasted between the transition of physical to digital documents. With a substantial number of invoices needing to be processed every day for decision making, AP teams need a better way to process invoices with ease, cutting turnaround time to just minutes.

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Invoice Management

Automated invoice matching classifies, compares with ERP databases and automatically sorts invoices into different document types with text, image, and rule-based classification options.

Multi-Channel Inputs

Invoices arriving via mail, e-mail or fax are captured, registered processed in a standardized workflow. Capturing at the point of entry instead of manual paper transfer, enables automation of invoices into digital workflows, adding transparency to your AP process.

Automation Rules

PF360 Capture can be adapted to best fit the workflow of your enterprise and employees. Using machine learning, you can choose to have it auto-set document type, have type approved by employees first, or allow the type to be selected by employees before processing.

Document Archiving

With digital archiving, invoices can be retained in a queue for data verification & once submitted, are converted to searchable PDF files with metadata for simple tagging, ensuring compliance with financial retention regulations.

Start Automating Your AP Processes

Stop relying on time-consuming manual invoice processes.

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How AP Automation Works

Intelligent capture is a key component for a modern AP Automation solution. It covers five steps between invoice arrival and posting.

Step 1: Capture Invoice Input

Accommodates a diverse range of input channels, including email, web-based invoice scanning, multifunction printers (MFP), FTP, mobile capture, fax, and more. This flexibility guarantees consistent processing of documents, regardless of their form or format.

Step 2: Read and Classify

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is employed to extract data from documents, with all pertinent information securely stored in the database. The system utilizes machine learning algorithms to automatically categorize documents, enhancing its accuracy and efficiency over time as it processes a wider variety of document types. This solution intelligently leverages the database to compare and analyze the content of each document, enabling the automatic identification and understanding of the information.

Step 3: Data Recognition and Extraction

Data from key invoice fields is accurately identified and extracted. The system incorporates country-specific validation rules and performs invoice matching with both master data and purchase orders (PO). It adeptly handles various document types, seamlessly extracting field-level and line-item details without the need for templates, anchors, keywords, or predefined zones.

Step 4: Data Validation

Data is automatically validated against other data to ensure consistency. The data approval process becomes easier thanks to the intelligent workflow approval that includes automated invoice processing with possibility of manual verification by staff for missing info and instant posting for valid PO-matched documents.

Step 5: Data Export, Archiving and Reporting

Documents and their corresponding metadata are seamlessly exported to the chosen ERP system or data repository, facilitating the onward transfer of invoice data. The automation of invoice indexing based on key fields significantly enhances the speed and ease of invoice retrieval. Furthermore, comprehensive visibility reporting captures essential analytics, providing insights into performance metrics and further refining the accuracy of data extraction.

Automate Your AP Processes

Capture data from documents, automatically classify and route them into your accounting management system, simplifying AP processes and cutting turnaround time to just minutes.

Purchase Order Matching

Automated PO matching on header level & validation against ERP databases facilitates data reconciliation, streamlines processing, and enables straight-through processing for matched documents.

Multi-Deployment Models

PF360 Capture enables automated document and data capture. The solution can be extended to mix with other document processes within workflows, along with being fully cloud based or hybrid, where processing is done in the cloud with application/repository on-site, or all on-premises.

Invoice Classification

Classification technology classifies documents into different types and variations to automatically sort incoming documents and route them to predefined destinations. PF360 Capture for invoices offers image, text or rule-based classification methods.

Straight-through Processing

Automated document processing from invoice arrival to posting without manual intervention enables accounts payable staff to focus on exceptional invoices only.

Various Integrations

The AP solution can be seamlessly integrated into an existing financial environment, with connectors to various ERP, approval workflows, and BPM systems.

Intuitive Data Verification

Our intuitive validation interface guides staff through the fields that require attention. Smart value suggestions and other useful features facilitate effective data verification.

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Lifecycle Transparency

Gain greater visibility into your document lifecycle through processing of invoices from various sources and formats.

Cost Savings

Save time and reduce costs from time intensive, manual processes which can be reduced from weeks to a matter of days.

Reduced AP Process Time

Optimize cash flow, enable dynamic discounting, and plan forecasting as soon as documents are received in your accounting system.

Improve Operational Productivity

Streamline operations, reduce human error and improve workflow by accurately processing electronic information.

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