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Family Service Toronto – Empowering Digital Technologies for the Greater Good

For more than 100 years, Family Service Toronto (FST) has provided a caring community that supports families and individuals to overcome adversity and to thrive.

Today, FST is one of Canada’s largest social service agencies assisting more than 80,000 citizens annually.

FST is incorporated under the Ontario Corporations Act as a not-for- profit organization and is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada).

Business Situation

FST staff direct their energies to three core service areas – community counselling and mental health, gender-based violence and developmental disabilities. FST also works to influence policy, build knowledge, strengthen communities and advocate for system change.

FST also administers invoice processing and reimbursements for provincial clients of the Passport program on behalf of the Government of Ontario and Partner Agencies through PassportONE.

Clients are mostly individuals with a developmental disability, or their families, and they use the funds to purchase services to live independently and improve their quality of life.

Clients also include seniors living in supportive housing and who experience a range of mental health and physical challenges.

“Ensuring consistent communication and service delivery to our clients is critical to Family Service Toronto…. Process Fusion’s professional services and support team is quick to respond and solve any issues we face. They have a high respect for their customers and value building long-term partnerships together.” says Brian Porter, FST’s Director of Technology, Communications and Facilities.

The Problem at Large

For the longest time, Family Service Toronto manually processed thousands of documents, invoices, and submissions that flowed into the agency every month.

What FST needed more than ever was a solid digital uplift and reliable automated processes. But moving to the cloud and digitizing information processes is easier said than done. It comes with security concerns, IT needs, and a steep learning curve.

The key to success was having a solid strategy and solution for a smooth digital transition.

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The Solution

In 2013, Process Fusion first came on board to help FST automate its document management system. Since then, there has been no looking back, and the partnership between the two companies has been running strong for almost ten years.

Process Fusion empowered Family Service Toronto to optimize its technology investment while adopting best practices in digital transformation.

With Process Fusion’s assistance, FST was not only able to simplify its cumbersome documentation processes but also safeguard and protect sensitive client data.

“We were an organization like many that had huge paper archives, and we decided to start to move everything to Xerox® DocuShare®. From there, we started working with Process Fusion on system hosting and management and developed intelligent document capture solutions, particularly for our Passport group,” says Brian Porter, FST’s Director of Technology, Communications and Facilities.

A Reliable Partnership

At the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many organizations struggled with office lock-down and adopting remote work infrastructure. FST, with Process Fusion by its side, was able to ramp up digitally and quickly.

As a result, FST could reach out virtually to its communities to deliver uninterrupted services throughout the Pandemic.

During times of need, FST has consistently stepped forward and re-invented itself to serve Toronto residents over the last century.

At Process Fusion, we want to make the road to a fairer and more compassionate society one step easier for FST through our strong partnership and unmatched services.

What speaks volumes about Process Fusion’s customer experience is that the company can offer a suite of managed services to Family Service Toronto to effectively manage their operations.

This includes maintaining critical business applications, standard and premium support, and customizations.

“The Pandemic has changed how we work, but not what we’re working to achieve. And with the help of PFI we are providing a new model of service delivery that holds a promising future for our clients and stakeholders” says Brian Porter, FST’s Director of Technology, Communications and Facilities.

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