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In today’s retail landscape, where precision, data security, and compliance shape the backbone of effective financial operations, re-envisioning accounts payable is not merely beneficial—it’s critical.

As we step into an era marked by heightened demands for data integrity and error-free processes, the push for advanced digital solutions in financial practices is more pronounced than ever. Join us on this May for an exclusive webinar that brings the forefront of Retail AP automation directly to your screen.

Event Details:

Date: May 22nd, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM EST (UTC-5)
Location: Online via Zoom

Hosted by Process Fusion, this crucial dialogue will feature insights from Daniel Cheng, our Chief Digital Officer, alongside esteemed retail leaders Eva Kazemi, AP Manager at Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc., and Nicholas Erimos, Director of Strategy & Innovation at Supermarché PA & PA Nature. Together, they will dissect the nuances of accounts payable in the retail sector and discuss how digital innovations can elevate operational efficiency and compliance.

Why This Webinar is Essential:

Designed specifically for executives and managers in the retail sector, this webinar represents a key milestone for 2024. It’s not only about adapting to new technological advancements—it’s about leading the charge in implementing them.

Key Insights You’ll Gain:

  • Precision in Automation: Delve into the importance of accuracy in financial transactions and how automation can minimize costly errors.
  • Ensuring Security and Compliance: Learn about securing sensitive data and ensuring compliance with industry standards through advanced AP solutions.
  • Real-World Retail Adaptations: Hear from Eva and Nicholas about their successful implementations and gather practical, actionable advice tailored to the retail context.
  • Strategic Insights: Explore how adopting these technologies can not only streamline operations but also foster a sustainable financial environment and support your team effectively.

Join us to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools essential for leading your retail organization into a future where financial operations are not just managed—they’re optimized and secure. Let’s redefine the future together.

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Discover how Eva Kazemi, Longos Accounts Payables Supervisor, leveraged PF360 Capture to achieve significant savings and streamline operations by efficiently handling over 50% of paper-based invoices.

Learn the keys to their success and how you can apply these insights to your own operations.

Read our case study to explore the transformative power of automation and begin your journey to efficiency and growth today.


Eva Kazemi

AP Manager, Longo’s
Meet Eva Kazemi, a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over a decade of experience. She’s adept at crafting compelling narratives and driving impactful campaigns for both local start-ups and global corporations. Eva’s passion lies in storytelling and leveraging digital platforms to connect brands with their audience.


Nicholas Erimos

Director of Strategy & Innovation, Supermarché PA

Nicholas Erimos, located in Montreal, QC, CA, presently serves as the Director of Strategy and Innovation at Supermarché PA. He brings a wealth of experience garnered from his prior engagements with Supermarché PA, spanning nearly 10 years. During those 10 years, Nicholas has been involved in several divisions of the business, such as quality control management, store management, real estate management, accounting, IT, and finance.




Daniel Cheng

Chief Digital Officer, Process Fusion
Daniel is an experienced leader of people and technology projects, with a proven ability to deliver results that help customers reach their business objectives. His strengths include building teams that provide high-quality and innovative solutions across varied industries and technologies that work together in the most productive way possible.


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Re-imagining Accounts Payable for Retail:
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