PF 360 Mobile: A New Mobile Document Workflow Experience

Scanning or printing documents on the go has always been a challenge for organizations and staff that required a secure way to ensure data was kept confidential and secure.

To solve these document workflow challenges, we’re excited to announce our newest release, PF 360 Mobile!

The latest version of this mobile app works in combination with UniPrint InfinityCloud and CapturePoint, which enables users to securely scan their documents directly to a specified cloud repository or securely authenticate and release their print jobs on demand.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simple Scanning Experience: Use your mobile device to scan your files storing them directly to your preferred cloud account or directly into the SecurePrint
  • Simple Printing Experience: To release a print job, simply enter your password from your device to print your documents to a corporate or local printer.
  • Print on Demand: The app prompts users to use their password near the printer before releasing their print job so that confidential data is not forgotten or left at the printer.
  • Environmentally Friendly – the app forces users to print consciously, only when needed so that extra pages are not wasted.
  • Print Vendor Agnostic – the platform and app work with all printer manufacturers and models.

How to Print and Scan

In order to scan from your mobile device, select your preferred save location (i.e. Google Drive, OneDrive, or SecurePrint Queue) with your preferred settings. Then simply scan your document using your mobile camera and adjust the picture according to your needs. Once scanned, your file will be automatically saved to the chosen cloud storage repository or sent to CapturePoint for further processing.

To print documents from your computer or mobile device, simply select UniPrint SecurePrint as your printer, and enter in your password. After you have authenticated through your password your print job will be released at the selected printer.

Sign up for a free trial of UniPrint InfinityCloud and download the PF 360 Mobile app…