Process Fusion Partners with Universal Print by Microsoft

Process Fusion Partners with Universal Print by Microsoft

We are excited to announce our partnership with Microsoft and Universal Print, their cloud printing solution!

With Universal Print by Microsoft now being part of Office 365, it will help simplify corporate administration and end-user printing. Universal Print runs on IPP and Azure AD to enable administrators to easily manage users and printers without requiring any print servers.

By integrating with Process Fusion’s PF360 Print InfinityCloud solution, Microsoft 365 users have the choice of seamlessly printing documents to a Print-to-Physical Queue or a Print-to-Digital Workflow Queue.

Disrupt Paper Through Print-to-Digital-Automation with Universal Print


If users print to the physical release queue, they can securely release their print job on demand through the mobile app or the physical vPad release stations. Both secure release methods support Microsoft Azure AD authentication and ensure they will have a secure and seamless printing experience.

If users print to the digital workflow queue, their print data will be converted for digital process automation. The Print-to-Digital feature allows the capture, auto-classification, and data extraction of the print job using Microsoft’s A.I. platform for process automation, and outputs the processed data to any system, including ECMs, ERPs, EMRs, CRMs, RPA, etc.

We are continually working with Microsoft to provide Microsoft 365 administrators and users with the most seamless and integrated cloud print management and workflow solution for Universal Print.