How Does Workflow Automation Software Reduce Costs

How Does Workflow Automation Software Reduce Costs

Every organization is always looking for ways to improve employee workflow and digitize parts of their business.

The landscape of the business world has been transformed with organizations adapting to an ever-changing market. All of it is thanks to new, innovative digital technologies on the market.

A recent report from the Global Print 2025 Study by Quocirca revealed that a majority SMBs have their top 3 business priorities being improving business efficiency, improving employee productivity, and increasing revenue.

Amid the digital transformation era reshaping employee workflows, it’s prime time to adopt a workflow automation solution addressing top SMB priorities.

By successfully leveraging workflow automation, you can boost productivity and take advantage of existing hardware infrastructure to save office costs.

The Requirements of Workflow Automation

The Quocirca report sheds light on the struggles small businesses face with document management. It urges solution providers to seize the chance to offer helpful solutions.

By 2025, 67% of SMBs plan to rely more on document capture and workflow solutions to cut down on unnecessary time spent in document processing, such as printing.

In many industries, document management still plays a vital role with employees having to spend countless hours to handle records and send them to wherever they need to go. It costs time and money to file documents, print out sheets of paper, and hire employees whose main job is to handle documents.

For SMBs, acquiring new printers and scanning devices for document management represents an additional, unnecessary capital expense. With the world moving forward with digital transformation, why spend additional money on technology that already works?

Navigating workflow solutions can be complex; decision-makers seek simple, cost-effective options to streamline processes efficiently. When considering a workflow solution, 3 factors have to be considered like:

  • Cutting down on costs of hardware, supplies, and stationery.
  • Ensuring productivity of workflow.
  • Simplicity of solution and usage.

The Simple IT Software Solution:

A tip for you is to test document workflow solutions with free trials to ensure they suit your business needs before purchasing.

With PF360 Capture, you can leverage your existing Xerox ConnectKey Devices by routinely transforming your documents into the digital world. PF360 Capture enhances productivity by scanning and converting papers securely into various file formats for diverse platforms. Such as, Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, etc.

With PF360 Capture, automate workflows to cut document transformation and hardware costs, streamlining management and reducing unnecessary spending.

Prioritize finding a solution aligning with your organization for effective digital transformation as you move forward.