Automate Your Invoice Processes With Capture, Data Extraction, and Approval Workflow Automation

Simplify invoice processing and automate accounts payable processes. Enhance cost controlling and make invoice processes more transparent. Save time, money, and resources with a cloud-based invoice processing solution.

Transform Invoice Processing Workflows with Automation

Reduce your end-to-end invoice processing costs and eliminate manual data entry. Gain better control and data accuracy. Integrate seamlessly with any enterprise or accounting system.

Overcome Inefficient Invoice Processes

Automated invoice processing will help process your invoices faster and securely share accurate data

Accelerate Invoice Processes

Automate data entry, eliminate repetitive tasks, and make paper documents digital.

Reduce Operating Costs

Analyze what’s happening, how it’s happening and take the necessary steps to fix them.

Ensure Compliance and Security

Ensure creating, reviewing, and approving invoices are compliant with regulations.

CapturePoint has cut the time required for AP processing approximately in half and boosted productivity by 60%, while also making AP team members more fulfilled.

- George Hatzigeorgiou, Director of Finance, Laurentide Controls

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Frequently Asked Questions

CapturePoint is a cloud-based document automation platform that will free your organization of time-consuming tasks handling and routing documents. Our invoice processing solution was created to help companies improve their invoice processes. The solution supports organizations to significantly cut operational costs, ensure compliance and high data quality, and increase productivity, while integrating with any ERP system.
  • 100% Cloud Managed
  • Able to handle High and Low Volume
  • Unique Print to digital feature for Simple Electronic Data Interchange
  • Fast Deployment without Hardware
  • Supports both Physical & Digital Input
  • No Need to Create Invoice Templates
  • Unlimited HTML5 Web Clients
  • Human Data Validation Services Available
No, CapturePoint is configured to accept and capture invoice documents from several sources including MFPs, fax, scanner, email, ftp, via ERP api’s and drag and drop from the desktop.
During the trial period you will have access to all CapturePoint's features and 100 document to test. Once your 30-day trial has expired, all your documents, data and account will be deleted from the time of creation.

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