In The Spotlight with Quocirca: Redefining Digital Transformation Through Print & Document Capture

In The Spotlight with Quocirca: Redefining Digital Transformation Through Print & Document Capture

We are honored to be a part of the Quocirca’s in the Spotlight podcast series. In the latest episode of this series, David Fung, the CEO at Process Fusion joined Louella Fernandes, director of Quocirca, as a guest to discuss new opportunities to redefine digital transformation through print and document capture.

David shares his perspective on the role of printing in the digital transformation journey and how to improve the efficiency of manual processes through intelligent capture and cloud printing.

David also introduced PF 360, which is an integrated platform that combines PF360 Capture and PF360 Print InfinityCloud together and brings a unique end-to-end user experience for customers.

Learn how customers are using PF 360 and what we are foreseeing in the future print industry.

Podcast Time Stamp Below:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:47 David’s career background and role at Process Fusion
  • 1:53 How Process Fusion evolved from the merger of PF360 Print and PF360 Capture
  • 5:28 David’s perspective on how print is part of the digital transformation journey
  • 9:38 File print workflows and improving the efficiency of processes
  • 12:48 Change management as a key offering of the Process Fusion platform, particularly in light of the pandemic
  • 15:56 How Process Fusion is working with OEMs and IT MSPs
  • 19:16 Process Fusion’s cloud offering: Infinity Cloud
  • 24:00 Opportunities for IT and MPS resellers to innovate, adapt and future-proof their business
  • 27:14 The PF 360 Platform
  • 30:11 How customers are using the PF 360 platform
  • 33:07 How Process Fusion is using the Azure MarketPlace to augment sales channels
  • 37:37 David’s view on what’s next for the print industry

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