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Purchase Order Matching

Automated PO matching on header level & validation against ERP databases facilitates data reconciliation, streamlines processing, and enables straight-through processing for matched documents.

Multi-Deployment Models

CapturePoint enables automated document and data capture. The solution can be extended to mix with other document processes within workflows, along with being fully cloud based or hybrid, where processing is done in the cloud with application/repository on-site, or all on-premises.

Invoice Classification

Classification technology classifies documents into different types and variations to automatically sort incoming documents and route them to predefined destinations. CapturePoint for invoices offers image, text or rule-based classification methods.

Straight-through Processing

Automated document processing from invoice arrival to posting without manual intervention enables accounts payable staff to focus on exceptional invoices only.

Various Integrations

The AP solution can be seamlessly integrated into an existing financial environment, with connectors to various ERP, approval workflows, and BPM systems.

Intuitive Data Verification

Our intuitive validation interface guides staff through the fields that require attention. Smart value suggestions and other useful features facilitate effective data verification.

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