How to level up your Microsoft Universal Printing experience with PF360 Print InfinityCloud

How to level up your Microsoft Universal Printing experience with PF360 Print InfinityCloud

In today’s business landscape, seamless, efficient and secure printing is crucial for operations across all industries. Despite the rise of digital workflows, the tangible quality of printed documents remains appealing due to their ability to support better comprehension and retention, which many find lacking in digital workspace. 

Microsoft Universal Printing, a modern print solution, has become a cornerstone for businesses, allowing organizations to access printers from various locations and devices. However, this innovation also brings forth challenges, such as Driver Compatibility and Compatibility with Legacy Systems, that enterprises need to optimize for a better printing experience and workflow. 

You could use the help from PF360 Print InfinityCloud—a transformative solution that is designed to elevate your Microsoft Universal Printing experience! This cloud-based print management tool offers a comprehensive suite of features aimed at streamlining printing operations, enhancing security, and fostering a more flexible printing environment. 

By harnessing the power of cloud technology, PF360 Print InfinityCloud redefines how businesses manage and execute their printing needs, promising a more efficient and secure approach to printing tasks across diverse devices and locations. 

In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into PF360 Print InfinityCloud, exploring its functionalities and how it overcomes the challenges prevalent in Microsoft Universal Printing, revolutionizing how businesses handle their printing infrastructure. 

Microsoft Universal Printing

Limitations of Microsoft Universal Printer Drivers 

Dependency on Internet Connectivity & Lack of Direct IP Printing Support 

Ever felt the frustration when your printing grinds to a halt due to wonky internet or the inability to print directly to your device using direct IP addresses? Universal Print’s reliance on continuous internet connectivity for optimal functioning restricts printing in environments with limited or disrupted internet access. Additionally, the lack of direct IP printing support limits the ability to print directly to printers without using print servers. 

PF360 Print InfinityCloud’s Enhancement: Direct IP Printing Support 

Addressing these limitations, PF360 Print InfinityCloud offers robust support for direct IP printing, allowing users to print directly to printers via their IP addresses, ensuring uninterrupted printing even in environments with limited or fluctuating network connectivity. This enhancement significantly improves accessibility and reliability in printing operations, eliminating the constraints posed by Universal Print’s dependency on consistent internet access. 

Limited Label Printing Support and Complex Configuration Steps 

Configuring label printing through Universal Print involves numerous intricate steps, resulting in complexities and limitations in utilizing this feature effectively. When the workload is massive, and the workflow is quick, there is simply no time to waste. 

PF360 Print InfinityCloud’s Enhancement: Expanded Label Printing Support and Advanced Print Options 

PF360 Print InfinityCloud enriches the printing experience by providing comprehensive support for label printing and a wide array of advanced print options. By streamlining label printing capabilities and simplifying configuration complexities, PF360 Print InfinityCloud offers enhanced customization and expanded label printing functionality. This improvement ensures a smoother and more versatile printing experience, surpassing the limitations associated with Universal Print’s intricate label printing configurations. 

Incompatibility with Advanced Features Across Devices 

Have you ever dreamed that your printer could just comprehend your needs across different devices and platforms without prompting? Universal Print may face challenges in accessing advanced printing features available in local drivers across various devices and platforms, limiting functionality and flexibility in printing tasks. 

PF360 Print InfinityCloud’s Enhancement: Enhanced Print Management Capabilities 

PF360 Print InfinityCloud offers advanced print management features facilitating efficient monitoring and control of print infrastructure. Providing centralized print queue management, job prioritization, and comprehensive reporting, PF360 Print InfinityCloud ensures access to advanced features and streamlined functionality across diverse devices and platforms. This enhancement bridges the gap in compatibility, empowering users with a cohesive and efficient printing experience that surpasses the limitations of Universal Print’s device-specific feature accessibility. 

Dependency on Azure AD for Authentication 

Universal Print’s reliance on Azure AD for authentication limits integration possibilities with other identity providers, restricting flexibility in user authentication. 

Brace yourself for more! Diverse Authentication Support and Enhanced Security Measures 

Beyond Azure AD, PF360 Print InfinityCloud supports various identity providers like Okta, OneLogin, GWS, and Email (Built-in) IDP. This wider compatibility ensures a more flexible and seamless printing experience.  

Moreover, PF360 Print InfinityCloud introduces SecurePrint Pull Printing with multiple release methods, mobile scanning functionality, direct integration with Microsoft 365, allowing users to print directly from Microsoft 365 applications while ensuring compatibility and ease of use. PF360 Print InfinityCloud also enhances security measures like Secure Print-to-Physical and Print-to-Digital capabilities, ensuring that confidential documents are protected throughout the printing process, whether they’re physically printed or stored digitally. 

Meanwhile, PF360 Print InfinityCloud introduces SecurePrint Pull Printing, offering diverse release methods, including support for Badge/Card systems. This ensures heightened security by allowing users to release print jobs securely, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. 

This comprehensive enhancement goes beyond Universal Print’s limited authentication scope, providing users with diversified authentication options and advanced security measures for a more secure and adaptable printing environment. 

Beyond printing, PF360 Print InfinityCloud extends its capabilities to include scanning functionalities from mobile devices and MFR Connector Apps, facilitating a more comprehensive and integrated printing ecosystem. 

By intertwining PF360 Print InfinityCloud’s enhancements into each challenge, users can better comprehend the advancements and improvements this solution offers in optimizing the Microsoft Universal Printing experience while surpassing the limitations encountered with Universal Print. 


PF360 Print InfinityCloud appears as a support solution that addresses the limitations of typical Microsoft Universal Printing solutions. By overcoming challenges related to compatibility, security, and management, PF360 Print InfinityCloud redefines the standards for an optimized printing experience. 

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the significance of streamlined and secure printing processes cannot be overstated. By embracing PF360 Print InfinityCloud, businesses can unlock the full potential of Microsoft Universal Printing, fostering productivity, enhancing security, and optimizing printing processes to meet the diverse needs of modern workplaces. 

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