Houston, We Landed! (Q4 Contest 2023)

Milestone Reward:
When GDX achieves 600K in signed agreements, covering both SOWs and POs, each representative who fulfills their manager-set objective will have the opportunity to throw a dart. The outcome will then be magnified by a factor of 25!

Dartboard Prize Zones:

  • Bullseye: $2,500
  • Outer Circle of Bullseye: $1,250
  • Any Other Spot: $625
  • Miss the Dartboard: $0

Note: Each rep is limited to one dart throw. Special recognition for the TOP 3 reps.

Prize Breakdown:

  • Bullseye hit earns the rep $100, multiplied by 25.
  • Landing in the outer circle of the bullseye earns the rep $50, multiplied by 25.
  • Any other landing spot on the dartboard earns the rep $25, multiplied by 25.

Gear up and aim for the bullseye!

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