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PF360: Print anytime, anywhere.

Discover a new level of efficiency and reliability with PF360’s smart document capture and intelligent printing. Get fast, error-free, and on-demand printing directly from your favorite EHS/EMR applications and ay goodbye to interruptions in your workflow as PF360 guarantees 100% uptime, keeping you focused on what matters most — delivering exceptional patient care.

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Enhanced Efficiency, Streamlined Workflows

PF360 offers a comprehensive suite of features that empower healthcare professionals to optimize their workflows and maximize productivity. With three powerful modules—Smart Route Printing, Smart Label Printing, and High Availability—PF360 seamlessly integrates into any computing environment, providing easy access across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Smart Route Printing

Simplify and streamline healthcare document management with PF360’s Smart Route Printing module. By automating the printing process, this intelligent feature ensures that documents are sent to the appropriate printer at the right time. Say goodbye to manual routing inefficiencies and welcome a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Smart Label Printing

Precision and accuracy are critical in healthcare labeling, and PF360’s Smart Label Printing module delivers unmatched performance. Generate high-quality labels with ease, ensuring error-free and compliant printing. From patient identification to medication labeling, PF360 minimizes the risk of errors and enhances patient safety.

High Availability, No Downtime

Downtime is not an option in healthcare, and PF360’s High Availability module addresses this crucial need. Designed for uninterrupted printing operations, this feature safeguards against system failures and network disruptions. Enjoy reliable access to printing resources 24/7, ensuring continuous productivity and efficiency.


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Customer Case Study

St. Joseph Health Enhances Patient Care with PF360's Secure On-demand Printing

St. Joseph Health (SJH) provides a continuum of care in Northern and Southern California, West Texas, and Eastern New Mexico (USA). It employs over 24,000 professionals and has $5 billion in annual revenue. When SJH was rolling out Meditech with Citrix, it encountered printer mapping and driver issues that stalled the project. In 2013, PF360 Print was asked to solve the problems using the Emergency Department in Orange County as the pilot group. After understanding how Meditech works, PF360 Print created a Smart Route Printing Module that solved the printer mapping issues within 2 weeks. In addition to reducing help desk calls by 75%, PF360 Print helped to give time back to the caregivers.

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Privacy and Security

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Process Fusion observes key industry best practices and regulatory schemes to protect the security and privacy of our customers’ data: SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, ISO270017, and ISO27018. We ensure that our solutions are compliant with the latest data protection laws and regulations.

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