6 Benefits of Implementing Digital Mailroom for Business Growth

6 Benefits of Implementing Digital Mailroom for Business Growth

Traditional mailrooms are one of such elements that prevent your business from growing, from your relationships with suppliers, clients, and partners to your bottom line. Shifting from a paper-based system to a digital mailroom can help you reap several benefits.

Digital Mailroom allows you to push all your documents into processing as soon as they arrive, improving your document workflow and making the system productive and efficient.

Not only that, but a digital mailroom also increases transparency and significantly improves access to information for your team, enabling you to save enormous amounts of space, time, and money. If you’re still unsure about digital mailrooms, read the 6 following digital mailroom benefits to learn, they can help your business grow.

6 Digital Mail Room Benefits That Can Help Your Business Grow

Digitize Paper-Based Documents

If the majority of your content comes in the form of paper, it can be extremely difficult to shift to a paper-lite workflow. This is why most paper-intensive mailrooms fail to provide accurate information consistently and on time.

However, digital mailroom organizations have the opportunity to digitize incoming paper documents and create a document workflow suited for modern times. A digital mailroom can convert all incoming content into a digital format and save it in a safe and secure location.

At the same time, it provides a central repository for both electronic and paper mail formats (fax and email) and incorporates them in the same document workflow. By giving you and your team a consistent and complete source of information, you can make your content documentation repository more reliable.

More Efficient Distribution of Data

Your business’s mailroom is probably at the receiving end of thousands of emails every month. Identifying, extracting, analyzing, organizing, and distributing documents from all those emails is an incredibly labor-intensive task, something that you must automate.

A digital mailroom paves the way for an automated document management solution. Compared to a manual process, it transfers and distributes data more accurately and efficiently. Here are some of the main ways a digital mailroom improves efficiency in your workflow:

  • Allows you to prioritize urgent documents
  • Helps you create searchable documentation for your business’s content management system
  • Instant notification of a document’s arrival
  • Processing of high-volume of emails and documents within tight timeframes
  • Documents no longer have to be delivered or scanned by hand, so employees can access and share them immediately

Reduced Costs

A digital mailroom cuts down your business cost by limiting manual processes. After deploying a digital mailroom system, you don’t need to use designated mailroom clerks, thereby reducing operational costs. It not only reduces your cost but also works more productively while needing less labor.

Aside from minimizing staff costs, digital mailrooms enable you to save the cost of creating physical storage for paper documents. At the same time, it also helps you save money by eliminating the need to transfer documents physically between sites.

Lastly, while using a digital mailroom, your business doesn’t need to buy printing paper, invest in processing them physically, and pay for reproducing photocopies. Likewise, you won’t have to bear associated costs, including equipment maintenance, paper supplies, renewing ink cartridges, and other document management costs.

Most importantly, by reducing internal costs, a digital mailroom can help you refocus investment in making tour businesses more competitive. You can maintain a good relationship with your vendors, clients, and customers by responding to them quickly and processing payments as you receive them.

There’s no wonder that research by AIIM found that 46% of companies that implement Digital Mailroom Automation receive a payback within 12 months or less. At the same time, 64% of companies receive better ROI after using digital mailrooms for 18 months.

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Mail Security and Traceability

In digital mailrooms, you can track tour emails more effectively. As soon as you receive a mail, mailroom operators label and track it using either a barcode label or a unique mail ID. As every mail enters your digital mailroom, you can keep a close eye on every piece of mail or document until it goes out for delivery.

This helps you manage personal mail, important documents, and essential packages more securely. At the same time, this feature decreases turnaround time for you and creates an organized and secure mail repository for all the departments or branches.

Moreover, you can improve the organization of all your emails and documents by giving area assignments (ID) to specific recipients, providing them with a predetermined section in the mailroom. This helps specific departments track and monitor documents more effectively, guaranteeing the security and integrity of mail data.

Since cyberattacks and data fraud & theft are the two greatest risks for businesses in the United States, a rule-based system digital mailroom provides all the tools you need to secure all incoming and outgoing mails and documents.

Mail Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

A digital mailroom gives your customers a unique experience as it makes room for faster deliveries. Faster deliveries not only help mail operators but also play a key role in improving enhances supplier and customer relations. Digital mailrooms are designed to deliver appropriate, timely, and contextual automated responses to your customers.

Moreover, as these solutions greatly accelerate customer response time, your business can handle time-sensitive emails more effectively. By organizing and restructuring time-consuming, digital mailrooms optimize the business workflow and lead to increased satisfaction for all parties involved.

24/7 Availability and Remote Management

As digital mailrooms are cloud-based and supported by robust software, they don’t require human intervention to work 24/7. These solutions manage all your incoming and outgoing emails all day long, so you can cater to international clients more effectively. More importantly, even if your staff needs to intervene to communicate with important clients, they can easily access the system and leverage all its features remotely from their home.

A digital mailroom is an essential technology for today’s fast and competitive market. It not only servers as the foundation of a paperless workflow but also gives your business every chance to grow to its full potential.