process fusion universal Universal

Process Fusion is a managed services and cloud application provider of Secure Information Exchange (SIX) and Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions that facilitate efficient, secure, and compliant delivery of information inside and outside of the enterprise.

Our input, processing and output solutions are developed to work universally with any third-party vendor, regardless of the hardware, software or environment.

process fusion unified Unified

Our goal is to help automate critical business processes, increase process velocity, exchange information securely with high level of confidence while reducing as well as ultimately eliminating the inefficiency and errors associated with manual and labor intensive processes.

Our unified software platform provides organizations with a complete end-to-end solution for simplifying Secure Information Exchange (SIX) and Business Processing Automation (BPA).

process fusion unique Unique

Our innovative solutions platform provides our users with a unique and simplified workflow automation experience that bridges the gap between the physical and digital world.

Our goal is simple. We help accelerate your manual business processes through automation and machine learning, making your document workflow smarter, simpler and more secure.

Digital Transformation Starts With Viewing Solutions Differently


Print Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

UniPrint Infinity is a PDF based Universal Printer Driver platform created to streamline and improve printing reliability for server-based, Cloud and Server-less environments. The solution optimizes printing functionality, minimizes printer management, improves print security, reduces bandwidth consumption, and enables anywhere, anytime, any device printing across different platforms for end users.

Secure & Automate Your Business Processes

CP-1 is a universal document capture and processing solution that leverages AI to bridge gap between the digital and paper world, by converting multi-channel input documents into actionable data. This can then be easily verified and integrated into any ECM or ERP system.

Simplified Workflow For MFPs

CapturePoint is a powerful & effective cloud connector for Multi-Function Printers that omits the need for manual data-entry and includes robust inbound / outbound fax functionalities that eliminate the need for fax lines, or additional fax apps. It enables you to – easily scan a document using the MFP, convert it into editable formats such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and then route the data to its appropriate destination.

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