Beat COVID-19 & Flatten The Curve Together

Xerox Canada Together With Process Fusion


Xerox Canada is partnering with Process Fusion to provide Free Access To Remote Print Management Platform.


Xerox Canada is partnering with Process Fusion to offer any Canadian Businesses the UniPrint InfinityCloud platform for free until Dec 31, 2020. InfinityCloud is a printer management tool that will remove the need for local print servers and allow for centralized management of direct IP printing for remote workers with corporate laptops and home printing devices.


The cloud platform makes it very simple to manage print drivers, user mapping and updates with a single cloud platform. With full print statistics, IT administrators or Managed Services Providers will not lose control of remote printing.


Xerox and Process Fusion, together with everyone are committed to flattening the curve and helping control the COVID-19 pandemic.

InfinityCloud Print Management Platform


InfinityCloud Use Cases

If your organization needs to deploy and manage printers for remote home offices, InfinityCloud can simplify print drivers deployment and management for remote PCs (including corporate controlled PC where user has no local admin rights to install print driver). In addition, all printing statistics will be logged by InfinityCloud thus providing additional security and control for the support organization.


Platform Security

The InfinityCloud is running on the Canadian instance of the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.  Visit to learn about the platform security.


Onboarding Process

A Process Fusion technical specialist will provide access information within 48 hours of receiving your submission.


Free Offer for Canadian Businesses

Xerox Canada and Process Fusion are pleased to offer the free use of the InfinityCloud Print Management platform for any Canadian public or private businesses until Dec 31, 2020.

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