Wine Tasting with My Blue Umbrella

Wine Tasting with My Blue Umbrella

Over the past two years, virtual meetings and events have helped us stay connected with partners and continue the everyday business, but nothing beats face-to-face interactions.

On December 6th, we were honored to host a wine tasting standoff event at Process Fusion with My Blue Umbrella and our beloved business partners. The theme of the event revolved around partners helping to decide who chose the better wine.

Daniel Cheng, Chief Marketing Officer at Process Fusion, and Michael Contento, Chief Executive Officer at My Blue Umbrella, both were required to pick their best selection of newly released Napa Valley wine for less than $100.

Michael’s choice was the 2017 Pickett Cabernet Sauvignon which is a ripe, rich wine with plenty of juicy dark cherry, cassis, toast and chocolate tones, and effortless poise.

On the other side, Daniel’s choice was the 2018 Orin Swift Papillon has a firm texture of ripe, grainy tannins with a lively line and a long earthy finish.

After 13 bottles of wine later, Michael’s wine selection came out the winner with 13 partners preferring Michael’s 2017 Pickett Cabernet Sauvignon, compared to 6 votes for Daniel’s 2018 Orin Swift Papillon.

We would like to thank everyone who joined this in-person wine tasting event and look forward to hosting more gatherings like this in the future.


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