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Industry Reports

AIIM Report: Incorporating Intelligent Capture Into Your Digital Transformation Strategy

This eBook looks at a key element in any information management modernization strategy – creating an intelligent capture strategy and the implications this carries for automating document intensive workflows. Adoption and utilization rates for these technologies vary widely. Learn what four best practices should be implemented in this eBook.

Healthcare White Papers

Referral Management Automation: 5 Areas You Should Automate in Healthcare Organizations

A large reason for automation comes down to the cost savings and finding how automation solutions can make each dollar go farther. Anything involving the transmission, processing, reporting and analysis of data can be automated. Learn how by strategically automating labor-intensive business processes, it will alleviate the burden of administration processing and allow for better management of a healthcare organization’s revenue by reducing wasteful time and costs.

Accounts Payable White Papers

A Complete Guide to Accounts Payable Automation

If your accounts payable department is still relying on manual processes, then you know how time consuming and frustrating this can be. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn how accounts payable automation will give time back to your staff and eliminate tedious manual processes from their workday.

AP Metrics That Matter in 2021

Did you know the best-in-class organizations can process an invoice three times (3X) faster with 6 times (6X) lower processing cost? This eBook presents a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of Accounts Payable (“AP”) today by drawing on the experience, performance, and perspective of AP and finance executives worldwide.

Document Process Automation Checklists

17 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering a Digital Mailroom Solution

Looking for an Digital Mailroom Solution, but not sure how to get started? This free checklist reveals everything you need to take into consideration.

Digital Mailrooms enable organizations to use document scanning to digitize incoming paper-based mail and upload it to a document management application. From there, you can intelligently manage your documents and mail/email communications electronically, giving you quick, easy, secure access to any document, anywhere, anytime.

20 Questions to Ask When Considering an AP Automation Solution

Looking for an Accounts Payable Automation solution, but not sure how to get started? This free checklist reveals everything you need to take into consideration.

The use case for improving your AP processes is different for every company, based on available resources, technology landscape and realistically achievable levels of automation. This checklist guide will provide you with a complete list of questions to ask AP solution vendors, when considering if they are the right match for your requirements.

32 Questions to Ask When Considering a Cloud Faxing Solution

Even today, fax remains one of the most common methods of data delivery, especially in industries like healthcare. Faxing is an essential part of these business processes, workflows, and compliance.

By deploying an enterprise cloud faxing solution, it can help reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve compliance. This checklist of questions will help you understand what capabilities are needed to achieve your business goals when choosing a cloud faxing vendor.

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