Process Fusion and UniPrint Simplifying Business Processes at Citrix Synergy 2019

Process Fusion and UniPrint Simplifying Business Processes at Citrix Synergy 2019
process-fusion-citrix-synergy-2019 We have expanded significantly to become the go-to developer of document-workflow optimization, with a particular focus on healthcare, security, and the cloud.

UniPrint Infinity software has always been the best choice to enhance printing virtualization in any on-prem or cloud environment. However, it now does much more than that. Throughout the last year, we’ve expanded our document workflow solutions significantly to offer a complete end to end solution.

In addition to our powerful enterprise printing software and cloud technology, Process Fusion has added to our arsenal a powerful data capture and processing platform, called CP-1.

CP-1 is a universal document capture and processing platform that leverages AI for document classification and helps organizations digitize and automate critical business processes, increase process velocity, facilitate information communication securely while reducing costs and errors associated with manual and labor-intensive processes. CP-1 can classify, organize, separate, and extract data while handling duplication and exceptions with ease.

CP-1 provides customized industry-specific solutions that will save organizations both time and money, by eliminating inefficiencies and errors from your business processes.

Invoicing, faxing, printing, and data security are addressed with solutions that continue to grow and change with the world of IT. The addition of the CP-1 technology provides users with an even more comprehensive document-management solution for customers looking to simplify their business processes.

Our combined solutions complements each other to deliver a complete data workflow platform. Innovation and future-proofing technology is our goal, and we are prepared to help bring our customers into the Cloud Age with ease.