UniPrint InfinityCloud: April 2022 Latest Updates & Fixes

UniPrint InfinityCloud: April 2022 Latest Updates & Fixes

To ensure our partners and end-users can print with ease and efficiency on different operating systems, we will be making several updates to UniPrint InfinityCloud in April.

New MSP Partner Portal:

In April, Process Fusion will be migrating to a new partner portal that enables partners to join our new reseller and referral programs, providing access to marketing resources, partner training, co-marketing campaigns, and deal registration. Whether you are a Process Fusion partner or reseller, the new MSP Partner Portal allows you to manage InfinityCloud customers from one view portal with just one click!

New InfinitySend Mac Client:

Mac users are now able to print remotely with our updated InfinitySend! We made the Server-Client printing available on the Mac system so you can print to a remote server or the UniPrint queue easily from any of your Mac models. Meanwhile, the print job in PDF format can be transferred down to the client’s machine.

We appreciate all the feedback and feature requests we receive from you. Stay tuned for all the new features that will be released on April. 26th!

Head over to your member’s portal to see the full detailed list of new features.