Transform Work Within Your Organization

Apex Global Solutions is a managed services provider that offers a range of technological solutions for healthcare businesses. They act as a single point of contact for all their client’s technical needs. Their mission is to help its clients deliver the best possible care at the lowest possible cost.

They act as both administrators and consultants in helping healthcare organizations lower IT costs and increase document workflow, while protecting patient data in line with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Apex Global has been in the business for over ten years, with premises in New Jersey and New York. They are renowned as being a leader in advanced back office and IT solutions for Long Term Care (LTC) and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF). They have a vast array of technology offerings, some of which include managing client print services with help desk assistance and on-site technician support.

The Challenge

Apex Global began to notice that many of their healthcare clients were experiencing similar pain points when it came to their printing needs. For instance, in a healthcare setting it is normal for staff or doctors to travel between different buildings of a multi-facility healthcare organization, while needing access to a secure printer from each building, at various times. This became resource intensive for Apex Global to constantly accommodate.

Another common challenge Apex Global experienced among their healthcare clients was the need for on-site technicians to spend several hours on the administration of printers. This proved to be a time-consuming process comprised of managing end user set up and the deployment of print drivers.

In addition to this, healthcare staff wanted printing to be as simplified as possible. They wanted a universal system to securely print from anywhere at anytime. Lastly, because many healthcare facilities were based in remote locations, some clients did experience minor unforeseen delays in performance.

When all of these challenges were analyzed together, Apex Global understood that they needed to seek out a more viable print management solution for their client’s printing needs. This meant a vendor that could provide efficiency, performance and even a lower price point. This led them to consider cloud-based printer solutions.

The Solution

After researching online and discussing with different providers, Apex Global identified PF 360 Print as the premier and most adaptable cloud printing management solution for their healthcare clients.

A proof of concept with one client quickly commenced to stress test the cloud printing solution and it quickly became apparent that the solution provided unwavering stability and compatibility across their print environment.

The solution also significantly decreased their need for on-site administrators to complete various printer management tasks. The need for having dedicated printer servers for printing purposes was also immediately eradicated making everything work seamlessly.

The cloud print management solution has now been rolled out to 300 users, with the plan to extend that to 3000 users within the next phase. Apex Global’s near term plan is to be 100% cloud based, ensuring printing speed and efficiency at all times for their healthcare clients.

“Within this short time we noticed a drastic reduction in the number of tickets to our help desk in relation to printer management. This means we can now also offer our clients a better price point as there is less demand on our resources. This not only helps our client, but it also allows us to scale. It is a win-win for everyone,” commented Isaac Koenig, VP of Managed Services.

Process Fusion’s customer support team was also something Apex Global noted, “Success is when everything works perfectly, and you don’t need to rely much on customer support. But when we have needed Process Fusion’s customer support team in the initial stages, we were met with a fast and highly responsive approach. They have always tried to be more than accommodating.”

The Results

Apex Global is now rolling out PF 360 Print to several more of its healthcare clients. Tasks that traditionally took Apex Global’s team eight hours on-site can now be solved remotely within less than 30 minutes.

Additionally, manual setup and deployment times were also reduced. The team only needed 30 seconds for manual installation. Remote management was subsequently used to deploy over 100 machines at a time, within a 15 minute time frame. Support tickets, in relation to printing issues, has also dropped by 15% in phase one and is expected to drop further in the roll out of phase two.