Thinking in New Dimensions – 8 Benefits of Multichannel Capture

Thinking in New Dimensions – 8 Benefits of Multichannel Capture

The dynamics of business are changing rapidly. To keep up with this change, we must extend our processes beyond traditional roles and create a comprehensive system for remote workers, external partners, as well as multi-channel support.

Businesses receive data from multiple sources ranging from network file folders, website forms, fax, email, database print streams, and even web applications. With data coming in from multiple channels, processing this flood of information can be overwhelming.

Research by AIIM discovered that 40% of participants manage multichannel inbound content by juggling between paper and electronic channels. Because of this, 36% of these participants have to print their information electronically and process it as paper. This not only slows down operational processes but also increases the risk of unauthorized access and loss of information.

With the introduction of multi-channel capture, we can now organize data more efficiently and make information management seamless. In this article, we will explain 8 ways multichannel capture can benefit your organization.

8 Benefits of Multi-Channel Capture

To appeal to the global market, your organization must think multidimensional and incorporate a multi-channel capture approach. Here are some of the main advantages of leveraging multi-channel capture for your company:

Centralized Platform

In an ideal situation, multi-channel capture allows you to funnel all incoming and outgoing to a central, ordered storage. The capture system would be able to save information regardless of the type of content, the source device, or location it was sent from.

For instance, if you upload IT web assets on your business’s on-site database, the system will capture it in the same manner as a photo uploaded through a phone or a document uploaded by a remote worker.

Having a single and reliable source of truth can help your company provide valuable information in an easy-to-use, consistent, and standardized manner.

Global Data Access

Because all captured data is saved in a centralized database, you can access information from anywhere in the world. This is extremely helpful for companies that have to maintain a global presence and operate transnationally. Your staff can access the information they need seamlessly, whether they are traveling, working from home, or coordinating cross-regionally.

Faster Actions and Decision Making

Keeping all information in place makes it less likely to miss out on relevant details. When you can access related information, it’s easier to contextualize your problems effectively and come up with more informed decisions.

Providing easier access to relevant information allows us to gain an in-depth understanding and develop a solution in a quick and comprehensive manner. Where in the past we had to wait for information from different channels, we now make decisions faster.

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Secure Data Storage

Not all communication channels offer the level of security you aspire for in your organization. By capturing and centralizing critical information, you can govern data more easily, secure it, and maintain a single version of the truth.

Laying the Foundation for Improvement

Data capture is an essential element of today’s business processes. That said, there are several other technologies businesses must prioritize to get ahead in the digital landscape. Multi-channel capture lays the foundation for multiple that align with your company’s day-to-day operation.

If you apply a multidimensional approach to improve capture processes, your business can extend improvements to all corners of your company. By leveraging mobile, cloud, and multichannel capture, you can automate manual data capture processes, enhance employee engagement, and optimize collaboration between disparate teams.

Optimize Internal Processes

Multi-channel data capture allows companies to identify their operational pain points using data and discover what causes these problems. Usually, managing different departments can easily become too complex, especially when you don’t know how each department affects your organizational output.

With the help of multi-channel capture and advanced analytics, you can look closely at your organizational problems and find innovative ways to optimize internal processes.

Make Room for Automation

Most companies are held back because of manual processes, which stop them from fulfilling their true potential. According to Forbes, around 80% of business leaders believe automation saves three hours of work every day – something that translates to 780 hours a year.

Delays caused by manual processes result in a higher operational cost, something that hurts businesses significantly. AIIM research discovered that organizations spend an extensive amount of time searching for content.

Implementing multi-channel capture allows us to repurpose and classify content efficiently, regardless of its cross-departmental nature. Because multichannel capture organizes information at the earliest stage of the information lifecycle, it’s easier to pump this information to relevant processes and implement an automation-friendly system.

Effective capture is essential to power an automated workflow and triggers the notification process. This minimizes the time spent searching for data and helps companies decrease processing times.

The Opportunity for Intelligent Solutions

While businesses have only started automating complex and tedious procedures, other industries are already making the most of intelligent solutions. To some Artificial Intelligence may seem like something out of a science-fiction movie, but nowadays it’s a necessity for businesses.

Automation makes way for intelligent solutions that leverage AI. The combined power of both these solutions can push your business to new levels. AI-driven solutions thrive on information, the more relevant data they get, the better results they produce for your company.

By incorporating data from different sources and providing a comprehensive, high-quality source of truth, multichannel capture allows business owners to incorporate automated intelligence into their organizations.

You can combine machine learning techniques and powerful data-driven automation to reduce manual processing completely and use these solutions to replicate what your staff has to do in their normal routine.

Today’s businesses are clogged with paper processes. By leveraging multichannel capture, you can organize data more effectively and combine scanned documents, voice, video, text, images, emails into a single source of information. Data provided by multichannel capture opens new dimensions for your business, and powers your organization with data-driven excellence.