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Simplify healthcare processes by capturing data from documents, automatically classifying them, and routing them to your HIS

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Healthcare Organizational Benefits

Modern healthcare is stuck in two worlds—the digital world and the analog world. Unfortunately, it will be a while before analog paperwork phases out completely. Transform the time-intensive task of manually processing documents into a fast and effective automated routine with CapturePoint’s intelligent capture and machine learning system.


Improve Patient Care

Get real time notifications of process blocks for immediate action that reduce patient wait times.


Lower Overall Costs

Cut down on fax machines and amount of staff used to be needed to run the traditional referral system.


Reduce Document Errors

Automatically detects when there is a discrepancy between documents and patient information.


Improve Patient Confidentiality

Get instant detailed audit trails for documents added, accessed and actions happened to them at any time.


Improve Staff Workflow

Appointments are booked faster with clear communication and less repeats from failed faxes, improving document flow


Automate Document Handling

Automatically send, receive, and accept referrals from any system or application via secure print, fax and email.

How It Works

A few steps to automate your healthcare business process


Data Capture and Creation

Patient referral and documents are captured and enter the process from a variety of methods and sources (desktop scanning, network folders, connected apps, email, fax systems, file import, MFPs).

Optical Character Recognition is used on the document, with all eligible data values being stored in the database. CapturePoint uses the database and compares the document’s content to automatically identify the information.


Secure Data Transfer

Referrals are sent via InfinitySend or Fax. InfinitySend allows automatic data capture of information from the referring physicians into the hospital EHR system without the need for OCR or complex data capture software.

The data is captured and delivered securely to the hospital when the physician’s office simply “prints” the referral document using a Universal Print Driver. UniPrint's InfinitySend technology is simple to deploy without the need for user training.


Data Classification and Verification

CapturePoint uses the database and compares the document’s content to automatically identify the information. Referrals can be reviewed, consulted, assigned, and tracked. Based on the document type, the system lifts field-level and line-item data without templates, anchors, keywords, or zones.

Users can verify and correct any unclear or missing data values from any referral. Patients can be booked via telephone, SMS, and email. Reminders are sent via SMS notification or email.


Data Validation and Reporting

CapturePoint sends the data to your EMR as PDFs, HL7, XML, or text. Patient data and documentation is then exported to the desired system, or repository.

Generate reports to see real time insights and visibility into your referral process workflow. Visibility reporting allows for recording of valuable analytics that measure performance and provide more information for extraction accuracy.

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CapturePoint Platform Features

The next-generation document capture and data processing platforms

Other Features

Patient registration

Automate ereferrals with OCR, data capture and classification technology which combines the convenience of scanning with automation tools that identify document types, extract data and connect them to the correct patient records.

Capture Patient Data to EHR

CapturePoint’s machine learning technology integrates data from paper, fax and image-based patient records into new EHR workflows and reporting systems.

Billing & Claims Processing

Our intelligent capture and data extraction technology ensures that accurate data is submitted to healthcare billing, accounting and claims management systems without delay.

AR & EOB Processing

Seamlessly automate the capture of accounts receivable and EOB remittance advices, enabling providers to recognize revenue sooner and avoid write-offs.

eReferral Additional Modules

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Print to Digital

With one click, referring providers can directly and securely transmit any patient data information directly into your HIS system. You and your referring providers can be freed from complex interfaces, site-to-site integration issues, and administrative bottlenecks. It’s workflow integration made easy.

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24/7 Chat Bots

Scheduling Assist is a 24/7, multilingual chatbot assistant for engaging patients, using 2-way interactive texting, automating the workflows and making transactions directly in your EHR system. The end result of all this is time wastage and frustration, as patients don’t end up getting the care they really require, and staff become over burdened with manual tasks.

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