Digital Mailroom Automation

Get a holistic view of all your business processes from end-to-end & understand how data flows during its physical and digital journey

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Why Organizations Should Adopt a Digital Mailroom

Data Capture is the first step in gathering vital business information and the trigger of many business processes. However, many organizations still rely on paper-based manual processes, which lack a secure, efficient, and cost-effective solution to adapt in the new future of work. Deploying a digital mailroom automation solution is a great place to start your digital transformation journey.

Improve Productivity

Accelerate processing time of all forms of incoming documents, both physical or digital and improve decision-making with accurate info.

Compliance From The Start

Implement suitable checks and controls to support corporate policies and compliance, adding traceability and records management.

Lower Operating Costs

Eliminate costly human errors, shorten internal and external communication time and re-focus your staff on what matters most.

Enhance Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Looking to incorporate Intelligent Capture into your Digital Transformation strategy?
Check out 4 best practices to consider integrating Intelligent Capture and automating document-intensive workflows.

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How It Works

The CapturePoint digital mailroom solution has a first line of sight to much of your business process information. By using the mailroom as a springboard to downstream processes, you can get information to your point of destination quickly and effectively.

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Digital Mailroom Features

CapturePoint’s secure digital mailroom platform provides a single point of input for all incoming physical or digital documents, which then automates and standardizes your digital mail and business processes with machine learning.


Digital Capture

Digitally capture any incoming documents through multiple channels of input, including mobile, EDI, web portals, e-mail, electronic fax, and MFPs.


Intelligent Capture

Intelligent capture features optical character recognition, intelligent character recognition, optical mark recognition, forms extraction, document classification and machine learning (AI/NLP).


Machine Learning

The machine learning platform features robotic process automation, conversational AI & chat bots, and e-forms, e-signatures and automated workflows.


Content Management

Securely classify, organize, store and manage the life cycle of documents, while also enabling content-level collaboration tools & version control and connectivity with core back end systems for 360-degree view.


Secure Integration

Secure deliver data through mobile, EDI, web portals, e-mail, electronic fax, enterprise content management, enterprise systems (ERP, SIS, CRM, HCM), LOB applications, secure FTP.

Other Key Highlights

Better Tracking & Control

Get an overview of what data is coming into your system, while controlling and modifying who receives it and when, at any point in the process.

Better User Experience

Keep users productive by quickly processing transactions and answering inquiries in a much shorter time frame than expected response times.

Better Data Security

Securely handle confidential data as our platform and controls meet or exceed industry best practices and follow regulatory compliance for privacy and security (GDPR, PHIPA, FIPA, HIPPA).

Better Data Accessibility

Automatically push relevant and accurate information into your own core systems and ease reporting with root cause analysis analytics.

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