Social and Community Services Technology for the Helping Hands

Adopt modern solutions to create a later community impact and better service those in need

Overcome Your Social Services Challenges

Social and community services are important building blocks for strong communities. In a world where everything is connected, the future of social services is evolving. Fueled by mobilization and cloud computing, these changes create a perfect opportunity for digital transformation.


Increase Community Impact

Improving measurable outcomes/results for both funders and clients to ensure long term operations


Optimize Funds and Resources

Continually reduce 10% MAX administration costs while maintaining service quality and deliverables


Streamline Administrative Services

Enable automation to reduce staff workload at multiple steps of the client journey

Minimize Manual Efforts through Technology

Improve Client-Centric Services at Reduced Costs

Service programs like employment disabilities, developmental disabilities, family/couple support, youth support and senior support all have unique processes that drives up admin and operations efforts. Disconnected technology and processes is interrupting your social services from achieving it’s maximum potential. Our deep understanding of program delivery, commitment to enhancing the voice of clients and intelligent impact technology will help you prepare for the future helping hands.

How Modern Technology Can Benefit Your Social Services

Cloud Enablement

Minimize internal support and scale internal and external services

Financial Tracking

Streamline tracking of funded, fee for services, donation or hybrid programs

Regulatory and Privacy Compliance

50% reduction of auditing times while maintaining 100% pass rate

Measurable Data Transparency

Adding operational reporting/client analytics with over 350+ data points to improve decision making

Shortened AP Processing Times

Enable 1–2-day automated invoice processing times

Improved Funding Allocation

Leveraging technology to scale service and capacity building

Improved Funding Utilization

Accurate budget forecasting and real time forecasting tools

Improved Resource Scalability

Managing multiple system users and complex applications with minimal IT resources

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