Managed Application Services

Shift the burden of support to our application experts that have a dedicated team, trained to support your ever-changing application requirements

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Why You Should Consider Simplified Enterprise Application Management

In adapting to the new normal, maintaining critical lines of business applications, upgrades and support that are vital to your organization can be an all‐consuming, never‐ending process. Our managed application services provide the right mix of professional services for ongoing support, maintenance, upgrades, and customizations, so that your business can focus on higher priority goals.

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Business Benefits of MAS

Process Fusion provides a balanced approach to managed application services. These models allow organizations to purchase application software as if they were headed towards an on-premises installation, but then having our PFI MAS team to manage the software either on-premises or hosted on our private cloud infrastructure.

Cost Savings

Lower capital cost and save on in-house hardware expenses


Ensure comprehensive risk and security management expertise


Effortlessly scale your cloud infrastructure on demand


Easily adapt with flexible pricing and MAS delivery models


Accelerate business operations through technical expertise


Tailor customized applications based on your IT needs

Managed Application Service Models

PFI provides a balanced approach to managed application services

Cloud Managed

In the cloud MAS model, your application software will be hosted on our dedicated private Canadian cloud infrastructure. Both your apps and infrastructure are managed by our team of experienced experts on a 24/7 basis, so tha...


When applications are required to be running on your own network and data center for compliance reasons, you can leverage our co‐managed application services, which outsource the application management responsibility to PFI...

Managed Application Services Center Features

Full application functionalities in the cloud

Robust computing architecture at Canadian data center

Comprehensive risk management

Disaster recovery processes and delivery guarantees

On‐going software performance optimization

Environment OS purchase, maintenance, and licensing

Easy integration with other PFI’s cloud platforms

Centralized server management and upgrades

End‐User help desk and support

Clear‐cut Administration

The MAS Team

With 15+ years of proven experience designing, managing, and securing applications, you can trust our team of professionals with your business-critical applications. It is our teams’ mission to continuously monitor and fine‐tune your applications to help maximize business performance, security and uptime.


Our managed application service center comes with enterprise‐grade network and infrastructure to deliver reliable and scalable support services to your organization. With full application life-cycle management, we can help you gain more value from your application investments and give you more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

“We’re very happy with the support and assistance from PFI… They go over and above. This was my first technology ‘adventure.’ It’s been an ice‐breaker in our culture that will help us tackle other things.”