Seneca College and Process Fusion Launch Digital Process Automation Microcredential

Seneca College and Process Fusion Launch Digital Process Automation Microcredential

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is one of Canada’s most vibrant colleges and a leader in post-secondary education, located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.

Process Fusion has partnered with Seneca College to launch a new Digital Process Automation Microcredential for in-demand skills and knowledge on digital automation in the future workforce.

Microcredentials are short-term programs that based on careers and profession which help students to demonstrate skills and boost experience development in key industries and sectors.

Microcredentials focus on specific areas within your existing education which adds specialized skills, hands-on practices and enhances student employability.

What Will Students Learn in the Digital Process Automation Microcredential?

This microcredential will introduce students to a variety of tools and techniques used to automate office-related tasks, with a focus on document digitalization and optical character recognition. The skills students will develop will enable them to get a deeper understanding of digital automation in the workplace and enable higher efficiency.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Interact with file transfer and cloud repository technology
  • Convert files using OCR software
  • Automate app interactions with application enablement tools
  • Use scripting to automate basic file commands
  • Share data on content management platforms

Digital Process Automation Microcredential Launch Date

This microcredential is open to students or employees who are new to computer programming concepts and looking forward to increasing productivity in the future workplace.

A full program launch is scheduled for August 2021.

Program Highlights

  • Fundamental programming concepts
  • Practical scripts exercise
  • Online labs and accessible home practices
  • Solid understanding of digitalization technologies and processes
  • Practical tools to real-world challenges with Process Fusion
  • No previous experience needed

Stay tuned for the full program launch in August 2021!

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