Scheduling Assist For eReferral Management

Scheduling Assist is a 24/7, multilingual chatbot assistant for engaging patients, using 2-way interactive texting, automating the workflows and making transactions directly in your EHR

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Scheduling Assist Benefits

Your healthcare organization probably makes hundreds of calls a day to leave voice messages for patients. And in most cases, patients usually don’t respond, which prompts them to either call in and wait for the next available rep or wait for office hours to open. The end result of all this is time wastage and frustration, as patients don’t end up getting the care they really require, and staff become over burdened with manual tasks. With scheduling assist, automate your patient scheduling 24/7 with our chatbots.

Boost Productivity

Reduce manual data entry, phone call scheduling and workflow disruptions.

Enhance Patient Experience

Enable easy self-schedule appointment setting with no waiting on the phone.

See More Patients

Reduce no-show patients and recall patients by automating follow up reminders.

Medication Adherence

Follow up with patients and help them refill prescriptions for chronic conditions.

Improve Quality Score

Automatically follow up with patients to schedule preventive care directly in the EHR.

Reduce No-shows

Remind patients of upcoming visits & help them confirm, cancel or reschedule it.

Scheduling Assist Features

Integration into any EMR & EHR Health Systems

Workflows for Preventive Care Recall (Self-schedule Option)

Workflows for Chronic Care Followup or Recall (Self-schedule Option)

Workflows for Appointment Reminders (Confirm, Cancel, Reschedule)

Workflows for No-show Follow Up (Reschedule Option)

Workflows for Pre & Post Procedure Follow Up with Alerts

Workflows for Patient Surveys and Online Reviews

Workflows for Medication Fulfillment

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