Quocirca & Ethos Partner Webinar: Embracing Digital Process Automation

Quocirca & Ethos Partner Webinar: Embracing Digital Process Automation

Printing is an integral part of many businesses and industries, but the on-site printing landscape has changed due to the massive shift to the cloud.

Recent studies suggest that 52% of businesses will adopt a hybrid working model in 2021, as more organisations are experiencing the benefits of digitalisation through effective document management and process automation.

As more businesses adopt the hybrid working model, industry leaders are seeking a clearer perspective on the future of digital document processing. This process of converting information, allows businesses to become digitally proficient by creating streamlined workflows, which in turn increases productivity, reduces business costs, and opens up opportunities for growth.

Join Ethos and PFI for our upcoming live webinar on April 22nd at 10:30am GMT, where we will give insight into how businesses can embrace and thrive through implementing Digital Document Processing whilst fostering a new dependence on the hybrid office.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The challenges of working in the hybrid office
  • The future of printing within organisations
  • The benefits of process automation and cloud printing
  • The strategic insight and analysis of future markets

Special guests include, Louella Fernades, Director at Quocirca, who will be sharing her strategic recommendations for industry leaders as they look to adapt and re-imagine their businesses for the digital era.