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Our cloud-based document conversion app transforms data on paper into editable digital information. Easily digitize, edit, share or fax anything…

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Why You Will Love Using The CapturePoint MPS App

One of the biggest challenge’s businesses are facing right now are optimizing the way fragmented teams are working today. CapturePoint MPS is a productivity tool to allow anyone in the office to easily convert and share scanned documents into editable digital content.

Improve Productivity

Securely scan and convert paper to searchable Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF files, in English, French and 4 other languages.

Simple to Deploy

The app can be set up in minutes, as there is no server to purchase or software configuration to worry about.

Easy to Use

Just like most smart phone apps, users will be able to use the solution without the need of a manual or training.

Cost Effective

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can easily subscribe to the CapturePoint MPS app.

Ultra Secure

All data between MFPs and our cloud app are encrypted using SSL technology, deployed through Microsoft Azure.

Global Presence

Available anywhere on the globe and can be easily downloaded and installed with the click of a button.

Digitally Transform Your MFP Infrastructure...


The document conversion app converts data from paper, fax or scan to MS Word, Excel and searchable PDF formats in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese.

Digitally Transform Your MFP Infrastructure...

Microsoft Word


Microsoft Excel

Fax or Scan

CP Print Page Separator

Unique Highlights

The cloud-based app enables users to securely scan and convert documents into digital information with Single-Sign-On (SSO) capability and send or receive faxes without a physical phone line on the device.

Inbound & Outbound Faxing

Remove fax lines & leverage fax functionality for inbound & outbound faxing via the cloud. No fax lines or fax cards are required.

Single Sign-On

Features true “Tap and Scan” capability, where users can directly link their smart card for fast authentication at the device.

User Portal

Easily manage scans, faxes, credits and users and get real time tracking of scans and faxes based on device, user or routing destinations.

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CapturePoint MPS Key Features

Multi-Channel PDF Document Conversion

Setup and Scan to Any Cloud Repository

Seamless Cloud Faxing

Easy User Experience

Simple User Configuration

Scan your Converted Documents to Repositories or Fax...

Share Your Documents to:



Sharepoint 365




Google Drive


Sharepoint 2013


Docshare Flex



CapturePoint MPF App FAQs

You’ve got questions? Chances are you’ll find your answers below.

About CapturePoint MPS

CapturePoint MPS is a cloud service that enables multi-function printer devices to provide organizations with powerful secure document-scanning and quickly transform paper into editable, actionable information in the cloud. Using the intuitive touchscreen at any compatible multi-function device, users can securely scan and convert paper to searchable Microsoft Word,Excel or PDF file, in English, French and 4 other languages.

From small businesses to large corporations across all industries, customers are subscribing to the CapturePoint MPS service as a productivity tool to allow anyone in the office to easily convert scanned document into editable digital content from any multi-function device. For less than the cost of a single desktop scanner or the time it takes a knowledge worker to re-type a few pages of paper document, the Return-On-Investment (ROI) are compelling.

CapturePoint MPS is designed to be a productivity tool for the office with an extremely simple to use interface on any MFP.

CapturePoint was created by Process Fusion Inc.(“PFI”). PFI is a Canadian company and a Xerox business partner helping customers to improve business processes by reducing errors associated with manual handling of documents and safely exchanging information from business systems to devices, from user to user, anywhere at any time, without worrying about data integrity or security. PFI’s Secure Information Exchange solutions, whether on-premise or in the cloud, allow organizations to further automate critical business processes, increase process velocity and reduce risks related to information delivery and governance.

The most current version of CapturePoint MPS is version 3.0.

Setup & Configuration

No, you do not need a scanner. You can scan document directly from your multi-function device.

CapturePoint supports any Xerox models running Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) version 3.0 or higher.

CapturePoint MPS is an “App” on multi-function printer device panels and as such does not require a PC. However, a PC is required once to download and install the App onto the device. The installation PC specifications are as follow: • Runtime OS: Windows 7/8 • Minimum disk space: 500 MB drive space. • Processors: Multiple Core • Memory: 2 GB of Memory Ram • Network: PC needs to be on the same network as the MFP.

You may order the CapturePoint application through your related printer vendor representative or you may order directly from our sales team.

Each activation code is assigned and associated with a specific device. The activation code cannot be moved or re-assigned to an alternate device. If you have a unique requirement or a question regarding your activation codes, please contact the CapturePoint MPS support team at: 1-844-697-6543.


The annual subscription of the CapturePoint MPS service already includes all maintenance and support. Since all the updates and maintenance are performed in the Cloud, you do not need to worry about upgrade and system maintenance.

You can directly reach out to our support team for more information.

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