InfinitySend For AP Processing

InfinitySend is the fastest, easiest way to integrate data and invoices with referring accounts payable departments

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InfinitySend Benefits

With one click, referring suppliers can directly and securely transmit invoices, statements, contracts, receipts, agreements or any other accounting information. You and your suppliers can be freed from complex interfaces, site-to-site integration issues, and administrative bottlenecks. It’s workflow integration made easy.

Send to Anyone

Send any document, securely, from any AP department, using accounting software to any other system.


All you need is to simply point-and-click in a web browser, to transmit documents to the InfinitySend server.

Receive From Anywhere

With fully integrated cloud capabilities, InfinitySend ensures you never miss an incoming invoice.

Quick Deployment

InfinitySend is plug and play compatible with any accounting system and no IT setup is required.

Archiving & Compliance

Track who views, downloads or prints invoices. Invoice documents are searchable and available in seconds.

Supplier Confidentiality

InfinitySend Server converts invoices to a compressed PDF file with end-to-end 256-bit encryption.

How It Works

The data is captured and delivered securely to the accounts payable department when the accountant simply “prints” the invoice document using a Universal Print Driver. CP-1’s InfinitySend technology is simple to deploy without the need for user training and maintains accounts payable department workflows.

InfinitySend Invoice Management Diagram

InfinitySend Features

Full Mac OS Support for Printing and Reports Distribution

Complete Audit Trail and Referral History

One-click Send of invoices and documents for any System and Apps

Secure Digital Sharing of Invoices, Reports and Receipts

Supports Multiple Print Queues (By Site or Group)

User-Defined Rules for Customizing and Optimizing Workflows

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