CapturePoint Express

The most secure document capture workflow solution

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Corporate Managed Secure Document Capture Workflows Built for MFDs and Smart Scanners

CapturePoint Express securely enables automated and secure document capture workflows from a wide range of MFD devices and smart scanners. It is the only secure document capture solution on the market that allows organizations the ability to centrally manage and securely control all their document and data capture activities across any business environment, directly from their Multi-Function Devices and smart scanners.

Improve Productivity

Increase document workflow and provide a unified user experience for managing data capture, processing and routing.

Increase Collaboration

Leverage real-time continuous data collaboration to make smarter decisions and improve staff communication.

Reduce Security Risks

Mitigate and minimize security risks by enforcing user and document capture policies, while ensuring compliance.

Enhance Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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Check out 4 best practices to consider integrating Intelligent Capture and automating document-intensive workflows.

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How It Works

CapturePoint Express utilizes your existing infrastructure and captures information from your multi-function printer. The solution is built for the on-site office, providing capabilities designed to improve staff efficiency and productivity, while providing enterprise-level controls for data security and governance.



Utilizing your existing infrastructure, CPX captures data from your multi-function printer. The captured data is then processed based on predefined business rules that determine how the data is saved, stored, processed, and routed.



Scanned images can also be enhanced for improved readability, text can be converted into editable electronic information, resulting in rich data being added to important business system records, or for later retrieval.



Data and corresponding documents can the be routed to multiple destinations simultaneously and selectively with a push of a button from your multi-function device, ensuring your data goes where you want it to.

Your Data is 100% Secure

100% Secure SSO and MFA Technology

CapturePoint Express provides out-of-the-box Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration with popular print management software such as PaperCut. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) option is available to ensure digital identity trust further.

Process Fusion is also SOC2 Type 2 certified and suitably designed to meet the criteria for the security and confidentiality principles set forth in TSP div 100; 2017 Trust Services Criteria for Security, (AICPA); and Trust Services Criteria.

CapturePoint Express Key Capabilities

  • Works with major MFP manufacturers (Ricoh, Xerox, HP and Lexmark)
  • Microsoft Azure AD or Windows AD, Google Workspaces user groups can be synced
  • Cloud storage connectors (Microsoft SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and more)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Personalized Scan Profiles
  • Secure Central Management Portal
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) & Document Conversion (Searchable PDF, MS Word, MS Excel file formats)
  • Offload OCR Processing
  • Bi-Directional communication/interaction with databases
  • One-Touch Scanning Option
  • Flexible Deployment Options hosted in the Cloud or On-premise
  • The solution can be self-managed or managed by our professional services team
  • Easy to use portal allowing IT admin to centrally manage and deploy workflows to your Multi-Function Devices
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    CapturePoint Express FAQs

    Capture Point express can be hosted within a cloud environment.

    Capture Point express seamless works with most 3rd party print management solutions in the market.

    The MFA feature for CPX currently is leveraging the Microsoft Authenticator app.

    All documents processed through CPX is transferred using a Secure Socket layer and all data being transferred is 100% encrypted.

    Capture Point Express supports Xerox, HP, Ricoh and Lexmark.

    With the increase of cyber-threats in the world today the need the focus for Security is the #1 priority for all organizations. The multi-function devices being a networked technology fully functioning like a PC are not being targeted by cyber-criminals. Although there are solutions today to lock down the devices like 3rd party print management solutions which manages print output.

    The one aspect which these solutions do not secure, or control is providing true validation of who is accessing the device and encryption of documents being scanned. Capture Point Express is the only solution supports Multi-Factor Authentication ensuring the person accessing the multi-function printer is exactly who they say they are.

    In addition, CPX will provide IT professionals full control as to who can scan, which device they can scan from and what workflows users can have access to.