Process Fusion Launching New Partner Portal to Consolidate Partner Programs

Process Fusion Launching New Partner Portal to Consolidate Partner Programs

At Process Fusion, we share a common goal with partners: to help customers achieve process automation excellence and digital transformation. 

To better enable our partners and provide them with a better partnership experience, we will be consolidating our referral and reseller programs into a single unified platform. 

The new portal will allow partners to join one of the following programs:

  • Reseller: The reseller program empowers partners to fully manage their sales cycle from lead generation to Closed/Won business to increase sales, build relationships, and grow the network of users or customers.  
  • Referral: The referral program allows new partners to easily send qualified leads to our sales team, without doing any of the heavy lifting themselves and earn a percentage of the revenue when a deal goes through.  
  • Reseller and Referral: For the convenience of new and current partners, they can also join both programs at the same time. This enables partners to simply provide a referral if they do not have time to manage the full sales cycle. 

The partner portal will also support partners with various co-marketing campaigns, technical training, and provide sales & marketing resources. 

We look forward to supporting our partners every step of the way on this rewarding partnership.  

NOTE: If you already have an existing partner account with us, we will be migrating your account to our new PartnerStack portal by the end of March.  

Partner team managers will be receiving an email invite to set up their accounts by the end of March, so keep an eye out for an invitation from us!