Process Fusion Launches New Partner Referral Program through PartnerStack for PF360

Process Fusion Launches New Partner Referral Program through PartnerStack for PF360

At Process Fusion, we believe a partnership is more than two companies or individuals that share a common customer demographic. For us, a partnership means working together to identify and pursue natural bridges between our networks and building deep integration across multiple channels.

This is what fuels successful partnerships – and that is why we are looking to partner with the best. We are determined to help businesses achieve process automation excellence and drive employee productivity while securing digital data. 

To bring our world-class digital platform into the world, we are excited to work with PartnerStack, where you can earn up to $2500 or more in commission just by referring a customer. 

What is Process Fusion 360?

With the increasing adoption of the digital workspace, working in a cloud-first environment can be overwhelming for many businesses. 

Process Fusion 360 (PF 360) is a secure cloud-managed platform that helps organizations automate their business processes by simplifying the way people work with documents, printing, and digital data in the hybrid office.

By automating document processes and eliminating printing problems, PF 360 will it help ensure an end-to-end digital experience for the future of work.

Why join our Referral Partner Program?

It’s easy to sign up, learn how PF360 helps businesses simplify work through automation, refer customers interested, and get rewarded.

Earn Extra Income

Easily generate new extra income or expand business opportunities in existing ones and provide exceptional ROI for your referrals. On average, our referral partners can earn $2,500 or more, per customer.

Minimal Effort

With our team of sales and technical experts at your disposal, all you need to do is submit a referral, and we will take care of the rest of the sales process. The average sales cycle lasts 1-2 months from the date of submission, and after that, sit back and watch your earnings come in. 

Grow Your Reputation

Whether you are an SMB or just looking for extra side income, we pride ourselves on helping your referrals succeed and achieve process automation excellence, while also helping grow your brand and trust with your clients. 

Join our Referral Partner Program on PartnerStack today!