Process Fusion and March of Dimes Walk’n’Roll 2021

Process Fusion and March of Dimes Walk’n’Roll 2021

The annual Walk’n’Roll fundraiser is back! Process Fusion is excited to sponsor this amazing fundraiser held by March of Dimes Canada to raise money for the After Stroke program, which supports stroke survivors and their families where they live.

March of Dimes was found in 1949 when a group of mothers were looking for a cure for the poliovirus and went door-to-door collecting donations of ‘just a dime’ across Canada.

In 2021, March of Dimes is moving communities across the country again to support stroke survivors. The goal of Walk’n’Roll 2021 is to walk 7,821 kilometers – the length of the TransCanada highway by August 28th, 2021, raising over $50,000 for After Stroke.

As a sponsor of Walk’n’Roll 2021 and participant, Process Fusion is delighted to take the challenge and team up to contribute to our community.

By August 28th, 2021, our team has successfully donated a total of $3000, with PFI matching the team contribution, for a total of $6000. We’re appreciate everyone’s generosity! Together we can make a difference.