PFI Fireside Chat: The State of Paper & Fax in Healthcare 2021

PFI Fireside Chat: The State of Paper & Fax in Healthcare 2021

Did you know that referral and requisition management has emerged as a powerful tool to enable healthcare organizations to improve patient care with shorter wait times, efficient communication, and better compliance? 

In a highly digitized world, healthcare is slowly transforming to adapt to the new normal. But the move to an all-digital referral process does not happen overnight. For the short term, they are stuck in two worlds—the digital world and the analog world.   

Join us on April 7th at 1pm EDT for a thoughtful fireside chat on the current state of referral management and optimizing digital efficiency within EHR systems.  

Gain valuable insight on the current state of paper and fax, the newest trends in healthcare and the challenges facing referral management! By the end, you’ll have a ton of new strategies and insights you can put into action. 

Special guests include Michael Nusbaum, Healthcare Advisor at Tectonic Advisory Services and Amir Soheili, Program Director at Mackenzie Health 

Here is what to expect: 

  • Get the newest industry insights on the current state of EHR transformation 
  • Learn about the challenges faced with fax and paper-based referral management 
  • Learn about the interoperability of different health systems (EPIC, Cerner, Meditech etc.) 
  • Learn about Mackenzie Health’s experience on digital transformation and how they improved patient care with shorter wait timesincreased staff productivity and compliance