Our Process Building Better User Experiences at Process Fusion

Our Process Building Better User Experiences at Process Fusion

User-friendly and simple-to-use designs are essential for providing better user experiences. If you aren’t aware, last year we released our latest mobile app – PF360 Mobile – a powerful document workflow app that helps organizations automate their business processes with secure document capture and print capabilities.

So how did we go about creating this unique and simple mobile app? It all starts with UX/UI design. Below we will spell everything out:

UX stands for user experience, which is how a person feels when interacting with a system. A good product starts with designing the customer experience and then working backwards to develop the technology.

User experience is important at Process Fusion because it helps fulfill our users’ needs and better develop efficiency in these modern times.

The design process starts with researching the features and understanding users’ needs and pain points. Our UX designer then creates wireframes and mock-ups in high fidelity and conducts usability tests with multiple prototypes.


After validation, we follow up with the product development team to adjust the design and review the UI.

Our design team ensures the final product delivers the easiest user experience between using our technology and our clients.

If you haven’t already, check out our PF360 Mobile app and give time back to staff for more meaningful tasks.