The Latest Process Fusion News And Updates

In The Spotlight with Quocirca: Redefining Digital Transformation Through Print & Document Capture

We are honored to be a part of the Quocirca’s in the Spotlight podcast series. In the latest episode of this series, David Fung, the CEO at Process Fusion joined Louella Fernandes, director of Quocirca, as a guest to discuss... Read more »

Mental Health Matters: 7 Tips to Reduce Stress While Working from Home

Mental health matters, especially for today’s remote workforce. According to a study by TELUS International, it found that 75% of US workers have struggled with mental health due to the pandemic, which includes different degrees of stress, depression, and loneliness. As... Read more »

Seneca College and Process Fusion Launch Digital Process Automation Microcredential

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is one of Canada’s most vibrant colleges and a leader in post-secondary education, located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. Process Fusion has partnered with Seneca College to launch a new Digital Process... Read more »

Quocirca Reveals Cloud Printing Services Market Trends in 2021

Process Fusion recently partnered with Quocirca to release their latest eBook: The Cloud Print Services Market Landscape, 2021. The report highlights key market trends for cloud print services, and recommendations for both manufacturers and independent software vendors (ISV) by evaluating... Read more »

Process Fusion Launches CapturePoint Express: The Most Secure Document Capture Workflow Solution

Workforce efficiency and data security has never been more important. With the hybrid office and staff having access to data while at the office or at home, the digital workplace can no longer be ignored. Businesses need to ensure onsite staff remain productive, while ensuring complete data security. Process Fusion is excited to launch CapturePoint Express (CPX) — an integrated app... Read more »

PFI Remote Work Survey Results 2021

It has been over a year since many of us have started working remotely, and while lock down is still on going for many countries, most of our staff continue to work from home, only having to go into the... Read more »

Pinnacle Partner Webinar: Growth of the Cloud and Digital Transformation

Organizations have been experiencing a massive shift to the hybrid model of working with accelerated adoptions in new technology. As the hybrid office becomes more prevalent in the workforce of future, the ability to work remotely through the cloud is... Read more »

PFI Fireside Chat: The State of Paper & Fax in Healthcare 2021

Did you know that referral and requisition management has emerged as a powerful tool to enable healthcare organizations to improve patient care with shorter wait times, efficient communication, and better compliance?  In a highly digitized world, healthcare is slowly transforming to adapt to the new... Read more »

Prianto and Process Fusion Joint Partner Webinar

Organisations today need new digital transformation solutions to help staff adapt to the new hybrid office.  Digital transformation is a crucial ingredient for organisations to grow and stay current. By embracing a digital first mindset and new technologies for working behind the scenes, organisations can automate processes, pull better insights... Read more »